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May 02

Gemstone Healing: Which To Choose and What Do They Heal?


This is a guest post by Mitz.   HOW TO CHOOSE GEMSTONES FOR HEALING Note: All information for this article was obtained from http://www.gemisphere.com/. This website sells gemstone necklaces that include some made of multiple stones. They have unique names for these combinations, and I have included the names of the different stones where necessary. …

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Jun 10

Feeling From The Heart

String Theory

In my first post, “Manifesting Your Desires,” regarding the law of attraction I attempted to give a brief explanation of how everything in the universe is made up of energy and how this energy applies to the law of attraction.  I also stressed how vital our feelings and emotions are to being the key to …

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Jan 31

Good Vibrations

Imagine being able to consciously leave your body and go anywhere your heart desired.  Would you travel somewhere outside this planet, say to the moon or another planet?  Would you visit friends or relatives that live in another part of the country or world?  Or perhaps you would venture to the astral plane to meet …

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Jan 19


I love to listen to music pretty much every  day.  I think almost everyone likes some type of music.  There are so many types with their subcategories, that it would be too time consuming to research them and then list them here, but just to name a few more well-known types:  Classical, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, …

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Jan 07

Rocky Mountain High

Have you ever felt more at peace when you go on a nature hike? Do tend to have feelings of tranquility and serenity when you spend time with mother nature? Recently I was listening to one of John Denver’s songs “Rocky Mountain High” and I was reminded again about the vibrational frequencies we possess as …

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