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Jun 30

Ask Erik


About two weeks before I wrote the Reincarnation Conundrum I sent my question (who was I in a past life) to Erik via the website ChannelingSpiritWorld.  If you read my post about reincarnation you know that one of my biggest questions has been who I was in a previous life.

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May 07

The River of Life

I remember taking several canoeing trips when I was younger and one in particular still provides me with life lessons to this day.  As I recall, it was the summer of 1986, me and two other friends decided to take an all day canoe trip on the Little Vermilion River from one side of town …

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Feb 12

Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Most likely everyone has heard of the phenomenon of “Near Death Experience” or “NDE”. It occurs when a person is either very near death or clinically brain-dead. Those who claim to have had NDE’s report similar experiences: floating out of their bodies, going down a tunnel toward a bright mystical light, meeting the spirits of …

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Feb 10

Fear of Death

So much talk about life after death, spirits, and the existence or non-existence of “God”, has reminded me of my own past experience with the fear of death. They say that death, like taxes, is unavoidable, and it’s true. We all must die someday, but unless you’re suicidal, you hope that day is a LONG …

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Jan 29

Spiritual Connection to Food

Here in the United States it is typical for many individuals and families to live a hectic lifestyle.  Eating meals on the go, eating out, or grabbing take out to eat at home seems to be the norm these days.  It is certainly getting easier to find pre-made meals and quick dinner ideas when going …

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Jan 22

Spirit Goggles

Reincarnation is the belief that after the body dies the soul lives on and returns to the spiritual realm, then returns to the earth realm to once again inhabit another body with a new life.  The belief in reincarnation has been around for thousands of years especially in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.  It …

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Jan 19


I love to listen to music pretty much every  day.  I think almost everyone likes some type of music.  There are so many types with their subcategories, that it would be too time consuming to research them and then list them here, but just to name a few more well-known types:  Classical, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, …

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Jan 16

Infinite Consciousness

When I first started reading up on New Age ideas I came across the term Infinite or Universal Consciousness.  At first, I was intrigued, but after giving it some thought I became confused by the idea and struggled trying to understand what it really meant. 

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Jan 07

Rocky Mountain High

Have you ever felt more at peace when you go on a nature hike? Do tend to have feelings of tranquility and serenity when you spend time with mother nature? Recently I was listening to one of John Denver’s songs “Rocky Mountain High” and I was reminded again about the vibrational frequencies we possess as …

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