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Aug 09

Just Surrender


Visualize yourself stranded in a small sinking boat out in the middle of a large body of water, so far out that you can no longer see any shorelines.  You will never be able to make it to land before the water completely fills the inside of the vessel and sinks.  You do, however, have …

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Jun 30

Ask Erik


About two weeks before I wrote the Reincarnation Conundrum I sent my question (who was I in a past life) to Erik via the website ChannelingSpiritWorld.  If you read my post about reincarnation you know that one of my biggest questions has been who I was in a previous life.

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Jun 18

The Reincarnation Conundrum


When I first started this blog I set out with the intention to hopefully either answer or gain better insight into some of life’s most compelling questions.  One of these questions I feature on the main title of my home page, why are we really here?

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May 19

Souls Zombies and Judgement Day

For this post I thought it would be fun to stray from my typical type of posts and let all of you in on my recent wild musings.  Before I begin it might be a good idea to share with you my core beliefs so the rest might make more sense.  Deep down I am …

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Mar 23

Are You a Healer?

In my 2nd psychic session the main focus of my questioning was to find out what my life’s purpose was. It was a question that had been nagging at me since I was first introduced to reincarnation. I wanted to know why my soul chose to reincarnate,

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Feb 12

Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Most likely everyone has heard of the phenomenon of “Near Death Experience” or “NDE”. It occurs when a person is either very near death or clinically brain-dead. Those who claim to have had NDE’s report similar experiences: floating out of their bodies, going down a tunnel toward a bright mystical light, meeting the spirits of …

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Feb 10

Fear of Death

So much talk about life after death, spirits, and the existence or non-existence of “God”, has reminded me of my own past experience with the fear of death. They say that death, like taxes, is unavoidable, and it’s true. We all must die someday, but unless you’re suicidal, you hope that day is a LONG …

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Jan 22

Spirit Goggles

Reincarnation is the belief that after the body dies the soul lives on and returns to the spiritual realm, then returns to the earth realm to once again inhabit another body with a new life.  The belief in reincarnation has been around for thousands of years especially in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.  It …

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Jan 19


I love to listen to music pretty much every  day.  I think almost everyone likes some type of music.  There are so many types with their subcategories, that it would be too time consuming to research them and then list them here, but just to name a few more well-known types:  Classical, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, …

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Jan 02

Through The Eyes of a Child

For some time now I’ve been trying to increase my spiritual awareness.  I’ve been experimenting with trying to channel my spirit guides, a friend or relative who has crossed over, and even my higher self.  Although I have had some success with my spiritual enlightenment, my ability to channel has been somewhat hindered. 

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Dec 21

Joseph Campbell and My Own “Enlightenment”

When I was two years old my parents joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I don’t know what knowledge the general public has of them, but if you view them as a cult, you’re probably right. 

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Dec 15

From Skeptic to Believer

Back in the fall of 2008 I saw something unexplainable that sent me down the path of discovery and wonder. I was asleep in my bedroom when I woke up to see, only what I can describe as, a strange looking troll creature standing at the foot of my bed.

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