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Dec 18

What Do We Really Know?

At this present moment we are attached to a giant sphere that is has an equatorial diameter of approximately 24,900 miles, and a mass of 6.6 sextillion tons.  This sphere is hurling through space at some 66,660 miles per hour (around the sun) while spinning at approximately 1000 miles per hour at the midpoint, the …

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Mar 27

Religomart Superstore

Up until this point I really haven’t felt the need to post my thoughts about religions and how they play a critical role, be it positive or negative, in the world we live in.  My sister and I both write posts on this blog and at times we have mentioned our lives being affected by …

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Mar 15

Ancient Alien Intervention


Not too long ago I was watching a Bigfoot documentary and it was mentioned that there have been several different species of humans found throughout history. This got me thinking because I’ve always thought there was only one kind of human species.

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Jan 13

Types of Spiritual Belief Systems

I came across this outline I did some time ago when researching different belief systems.  I thought it might be interesting to see them together.  I haven’t listed everything due to space constraints, and to be honest, I doubt anyone wants to read the names of the more than 30,000 worldwide Christian denominations.  I also haven’t …

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Jan 02

Through The Eyes of a Child

For some time now I’ve been trying to increase my spiritual awareness.  I’ve been experimenting with trying to channel my spirit guides, a friend or relative who has crossed over, and even my higher self.  Although I have had some success with my spiritual enlightenment, my ability to channel has been somewhat hindered. 

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Dec 21

Joseph Campbell and My Own “Enlightenment”

When I was two years old my parents joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I don’t know what knowledge the general public has of them, but if you view them as a cult, you’re probably right. 

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