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Jan 24

Lions and Tigers and 2012, OH MY!

Mayan Calender

It’s officially here folks, the year 2012 has arrived. There has been much speculation about what will happen on or before December 21st of this year. Some of the more popular theories embrace the doom and gloom scenarios of the earth and all of humanity being destroyed.

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Dec 17

In My Reality……

If you are like me you have probably caught yourself daydreaming, perhaps several times a day. I believe most of us have dreams that we play out in our minds, a different life than we have now where we can feel free and happy with none of the hardships that often permeate everyday life.

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Jun 26

What Do You Believe?

Believe In Yourself

The other night at work I and a co-worker decided to take a break and go for a late night stroll.  While we were on our walk we somehow got onto the topic of what would be the ideal job.  We both offered suggestions of what we thought would make a job more satisfying and …

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Jun 10

Feeling From The Heart

String Theory

In my first post, “Manifesting Your Desires,” regarding the law of attraction I attempted to give a brief explanation of how everything in the universe is made up of energy and how this energy applies to the law of attraction.  I also stressed how vital our feelings and emotions are to being the key to …

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May 22

Creatures of Habit


There are many times when we try to make a positive change towards improvement in our lives; however, what many of us do is start out with much zeal but we lose our steam and end up not achieving our desired goal.  These failures can often be attributed to our tendencies of being creatures of …

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Apr 17

Unlock The Power of Manifestation

The other day I was reading on Yahoo that the world’s oldest man, Walter Breuning, had died in Montana at the age of 114.  As I was reading the article I thought to myself what it must be like to live for that long, I am nearly 40 years old and I couldn’t imagine being …

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Mar 01

Attract Your Ideal Companion

In my other posts regarding the law of attraction I’ve pointed out that one of the most important things you need to do in order to manifest your desires is change the way you think and feel.  In general, I’ve written about how to attract your desires but really haven’t focused on any one wish.

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Jan 26

Give Freely

It couldn’t be more obvious that we are experiencing a stagnant global economy and many believe tragic times are on the horizon.  There are millions of unemployed Americans along with millions worldwide that live in poverty.  As a result, people instinctively want to hang on to any extra money they may have and I certainly …

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Jan 17

Cool Change

Have you ever felt the desire to make a change, any change, in your life because your whole existence just felt stagnant?  Do feel that your life has become monotonous?  If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions I know what you are feeling because I have been there myself.

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Jan 10

Be More Receptive

If you have been applying the law of attraction in your life and following all the guidelines there is no doubt in my mind that you will start to see your desires manifest.

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Dec 29

Slugbug! No Tag Backs

When my boys and I are in the car together we always play the game Slug-bug, where we each get a point for calling out “Slug-bug” when we see a Volkswagon Bug. I’m sure many of you played this game when you were kids and perhaps you still play it today. I have learned something …

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Dec 14

Try this LOA experiment.

In my previous post on the law of attraction (LOA) I talked a little about energy and how it applies to the LOA. Try imagining everything around you, including yourself, as nothing more than vibrating forms of energy. I then try to picture myself attracting, like a magnet, those desires that I want to bring …

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Dec 13

Manifesting Your Desires

I know this older man where I work and it seems that his life is cursed and just never seems to get any better.  He is always stressed over money and complains all the time.  Financially speaking, just when he thinks he is getting his head above water something else happens that drags him back …

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