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Aug 13

Numbers, Numbers, and More Numbers


Back in early March I wrote a post dealing with numbers and synchronicity. Ever since I wrote that post I’ve been more conscious of the numerical synchronicities as well as other synchronicities that I encounter in my life. These repeating patterns seem to be everywhere and trying to make sense of what the meanings are …

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Jul 29

My Pendulum Test


Summer is just moving along like it does every year and I have found myself not in the writing mood, guess you could say my mind is elsewhere with all this sunshine and warm weather.

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Jul 17

Ground Yourself


Recently, I was practicing with my pendulum, using a pendulum chart, and it was revealed to me that I needed to be more grounded. I had heard this term before but never really understood what it meant. What does it mean to be grounded, or better yet, ungrounded?

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