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Apr 10

My Astral Journey

Back at the end of January I posted Good Vibrations detailing my first experiences with astral projection, otherwise known as an OBE.  Since then I have had two more occurrences which I would like to share with you here.

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Mar 18

Psychic Session #2

Late last year I had my first ever experience with a psychic and really didn’t know what to expect.  For the majority of the session I sat there and listened as he relayed information to me that was supposedly coming from one of my guides as well as some communication with passed friends and relatives.

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Mar 11


In my previous post “Good Vibrations” regarding astral projection I wrote of my first experience dealing with an OBE. As of this writing I still have not had any more out-of-body-experiences except for a couple of dreams where I was flying around like superman.

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Feb 12

Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Most likely everyone has heard of the phenomenon of “Near Death Experience” or “NDE”. It occurs when a person is either very near death or clinically brain-dead. Those who claim to have had NDE’s report similar experiences: floating out of their bodies, going down a tunnel toward a bright mystical light, meeting the spirits of …

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Jan 31

Good Vibrations

Imagine being able to consciously leave your body and go anywhere your heart desired.  Would you travel somewhere outside this planet, say to the moon or another planet?  Would you visit friends or relatives that live in another part of the country or world?  Or perhaps you would venture to the astral plane to meet …

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