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Jun 26

What Do You Believe?

Believe In Yourself

The other night at work I and a co-worker decided to take a break and go for a late night stroll.  While we were on our walk we somehow got onto the topic of what would be the ideal job.  We both offered suggestions of what we thought would make a job more satisfying and …

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May 22

Creatures of Habit


There are many times when we try to make a positive change towards improvement in our lives; however, what many of us do is start out with much zeal but we lose our steam and end up not achieving our desired goal.  These failures can often be attributed to our tendencies of being creatures of …

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Dec 14

Try this LOA experiment.

In my previous post on the law of attraction (LOA) I talked a little about energy and how it applies to the LOA. Try imagining everything around you, including yourself, as nothing more than vibrating forms of energy. I then try to picture myself attracting, like a magnet, those desires that I want to bring …

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