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May 01

GM Food Awareness

How many of you reading this post realize what kinds of food are genetically modified?  Rice, soybeans, sugar cane, tomatoes, corn, sweet corn, and canola are just some of the foods that are genetically modified; to see the complete list click on this link.  The three biggest GM foods corn, soybeans and canola can be …

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Mar 13

The Corporate Boondoggle

I wanted to share this video with you featuring an 11 year old boy who is standing up against the corporate conglomerates who are responsible for selling the public processed and genetically modified food.

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Feb 18

Pass The Butter Please!

I would like to share with you an email my cousin sent me about the differences between butter and margarine.  I would imagine it is probably one of those chain emails that gets passed around the Internet.  Anyway, it lists many disturbing qualities margarine has so I thought I would share it with everyone.  I …

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Jan 29

Spiritual Connection to Food

Here in the United States it is typical for many individuals and families to live a hectic lifestyle.  Eating meals on the go, eating out, or grabbing take out to eat at home seems to be the norm these days.  It is certainly getting easier to find pre-made meals and quick dinner ideas when going …

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