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Jan 10


I just received this letter via email from YouTube user BacktoConstitution.  This letter is intended for all humanity and is allegedly from unknown beings somewhere in the cosmos.  I cannot be certain as to the validity of this letter being from ET; however, the message is clear.  If you believe in benevolent beings not of …

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Feb 06

Treading Water & Getting Short of Breath

Treading Water

Imagine floating out in the middle of the ocean with no life preserver and with no help in site.  You are doing your best to keep your head above water but you are cramping and finding it difficult to breath against the steady pounding of salt water against your face.

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Dec 13

Channelingmyself’s One Year Anniversary


One year ago today I wrote my first post Manifesting Your Desires. This last year has been quite the learning experience for me and I have gained so many new friends through the blogging community.

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Aug 25

Alien Invasion! Run For The Hills!


There is a new series on the Discovery Channel called “Curiosity” that has different topics and is supposed to engage the curiosity and imagination of the viewer. One of the topics in this series has to do with alien invasion. The other day I watched the premiere episode entitled “Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?”

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Apr 02

What Does NASA Really Know?

For those of you who follow UFO phenomenon and believe in intelligent life beyond this planet it certainly can be frustrating to know that we aren’t being told the entire story when it comes to UFOs and alien life.  The most maddening malfeasance that irritates me is the absolute absurdity coming from NASA and our …

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Mar 21

Ancient Alien Intervention 2 (Anunnaki)

In my first post “Ancient Alien Intervention” regarding the belief that ancient aliens have tampered with our DNA I merely introduced the theory to those of you who may have never heard of this radical idea. In this post I am providing a video that provides a little more detail about the possibility we were …

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Mar 15

Ancient Alien Intervention


Not too long ago I was watching a Bigfoot documentary and it was mentioned that there have been several different species of humans found throughout history. This got me thinking because I’ve always thought there was only one kind of human species.

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Feb 13

The Disclosure Deception

For those of you who believe that we are being visited by extraterrestrial entities there comes one nagging question. Will there ever be official disclosure by any of the world’s governments?  This question had bothered me for some time and I never quite understood why there would be such a monumental cover-up of information that …

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Feb 06

Ancient Alien Artifacts


Since the advent of digital cameras, photo/video editing software and with websites like Youtube, finding a credible UFO picture or video is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Jan 08

Disclosure Coming?

One of my favorite news sites is Before Its News; however, it is important to know that anyone can sign up and contribute articles to this website.  Just keep that in mind when you consider the validity of any articles that appear on that site.  Moving on, I wanted to share this article about WikiLeaks …

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Dec 26

Mysterious Moon

On July 20 1969 NASA had accomplished the unthinkable by putting the first man on the moon. A total of 12 people have landed on the moon over a period of 41 months. In total, there were six missions to the moon during that approximate three and a half year period. On December 14, 1972 …

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Dec 16

Holy Cattle Mutilations Batman!

I would like to share an experience I had back in either the summer of ’94 or ’95. Unfortunately, it has been a while since this happened so the details are kind of fuzzy. I was working part time for a rancher in northern Colorado, doing odd jobs around his property. One afternoon I was …

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