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Aug 15

A Look at the Left Brain

Recently I came across a post from a website I visit daily.  I really thought this post was an excellent read and contained information that I feel would be beneficial to all my readers.  I obtained permission from the author to post it here on my blog so I hope you all enjoy it.  A …

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Feb 17



Hello to all my blog readers today is my 40th birthday.  I wanted to take a moment to first thank each of you for taking the time to read my posts and a special thanks to all of you who provide feedback with your comments.  To be honest, I never would have guessed that at …

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Dec 17

In My Reality……

If you are like me you have probably caught yourself daydreaming, perhaps several times a day. I believe most of us have dreams that we play out in our minds, a different life than we have now where we can feel free and happy with none of the hardships that often permeate everyday life.

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