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Dec 18

What Do We Really Know?

At this present moment we are attached to a giant sphere that is has an equatorial diameter of approximately 24,900 miles, and a mass of 6.6 sextillion tons.  This sphere is hurling through space at some 66,660 miles per hour (around the sun) while spinning at approximately 1000 miles per hour at the midpoint, the …

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Mar 30

What If Money Was No Object?

In roughly 11 more days I will be losing my job and beginning the next adventure in my life.  And while I don’t quite know where my next journey will take me I do know that a wave of calm and peacefulness has fallen over me.  It is certainly unusual to be facing unemployment at …

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Jan 10


I just received this letter via email from YouTube user BacktoConstitution.  This letter is intended for all humanity and is allegedly from unknown beings somewhere in the cosmos.  I cannot be certain as to the validity of this letter being from ET; however, the message is clear.  If you believe in benevolent beings not of …

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May 02

Gemstone Healing: Which To Choose and What Do They Heal?


This is a guest post by Mitz.   HOW TO CHOOSE GEMSTONES FOR HEALING Note: All information for this article was obtained from http://www.gemisphere.com/. This website sells gemstone necklaces that include some made of multiple stones. They have unique names for these combinations, and I have included the names of the different stones where necessary. …

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Jan 02

Embrace Infinite Consciousness

The topic of universal consciousness, what I refer to as infinite consciousness, is often discussed on New Age blogs and is written about in many metaphysical books.  When I first started ChannelingMyself I had an idea of what that term meant but never really understood its true meaning.

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Apr 10

My Astral Journey

Back at the end of January I posted Good Vibrations detailing my first experiences with astral projection, otherwise known as an OBE.  Since then I have had two more occurrences which I would like to share with you here.

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Mar 11


In my previous post “Good Vibrations” regarding astral projection I wrote of my first experience dealing with an OBE. As of this writing I still have not had any more out-of-body-experiences except for a couple of dreams where I was flying around like superman.

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Feb 26

The Coming Shift

Many of you may have heard of the coming shift of consciousness, if you are hearing of this for the first time you might be wondering what it is.  This shift in consciousness is commonly associated with 2012, although I don’t believe there is a set date for when it will happen.

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Feb 17

Confronting God

I feel you staring down at me So tell me God, what do you see? You see my soul – it’s turning grey I turned to you – you turned away

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Feb 12

Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Most likely everyone has heard of the phenomenon of “Near Death Experience” or “NDE”. It occurs when a person is either very near death or clinically brain-dead. Those who claim to have had NDE’s report similar experiences: floating out of their bodies, going down a tunnel toward a bright mystical light, meeting the spirits of …

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Jan 16

Infinite Consciousness

When I first started reading up on New Age ideas I came across the term Infinite or Universal Consciousness.  At first, I was intrigued, but after giving it some thought I became confused by the idea and struggled trying to understand what it really meant. 

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Jan 07

Rocky Mountain High

Have you ever felt more at peace when you go on a nature hike? Do tend to have feelings of tranquility and serenity when you spend time with mother nature? Recently I was listening to one of John Denver’s songs “Rocky Mountain High” and I was reminded again about the vibrational frequencies we possess as …

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