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Dec 13

Channelingmyself’s One Year Anniversary


One year ago today I wrote my first post Manifesting Your Desires. This last year has been quite the learning experience for me and I have gained so many new friends through the blogging community.

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Mar 21

Ancient Alien Intervention 2 (Anunnaki)

In my first post “Ancient Alien Intervention” regarding the belief that ancient aliens have tampered with our DNA I merely introduced the theory to those of you who may have never heard of this radical idea. In this post I am providing a video that provides a little more detail about the possibility we were …

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Mar 15

Ancient Alien Intervention


Not too long ago I was watching a Bigfoot documentary and it was mentioned that there have been several different species of humans found throughout history. This got me thinking because I’ve always thought there was only one kind of human species.

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Feb 06

Ancient Alien Artifacts


Since the advent of digital cameras, photo/video editing software and with websites like Youtube, finding a credible UFO picture or video is becoming increasingly difficult.

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