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IMAG0612My name is Todd Wilson, I guess you could say I am just an average guy with the average life.  I decided I wanted something more out of my life, and since UFO hunting and Bigfoot research didn’t make for optimal choices for a midlife career change, I chose to start this blog and write about my areas of interests instead.

The things I hope to discuss here mainly have to do with the unknown; however, I hold a lot of interests so I will cover a wide range of subjects.  My interests include spirituality, life beyond death, UFOs/ET, Bigfoot and pretty much any other unknown phenomena that we encounter in our lives.  With time and some due diligence I hope to write and explore more about these topics, and maybe with the help of you we can come to some definite answers.

What’s With the Name?

You might be wondering why I came up with “channelingmyself” as the name for my blog.  It all started when I stumbled across another site channelingerik, I highly recommend you check it out if you have questions about the afterlife.

If you’re not familiar with what channeling the deceased is, it is basically communicating with those souls who have crossed over to the “other side, heaven” or whatever you want to refer to that place as. Most channeling is done with the help of  psychic mediums, but it can be done by anyone, including you and me.  When channeling a soul that has crossed over many questions might come up; how they are doing, what it is like for them on the other side, or spirit guides can be contacted as well.  Questions might also be asked about our lives here and any assistance that might be offered.

What I have learned, especially with the help from my friends at channelingerik,  is that after a soul crosses over all the knowledge from previous lives is remembered again.  It seems when souls reincarnate here to the earth realm that knowledge is forgotten.  So death is like waking up from a dream and we remember who we really are.


Back to the reason for the name, I’m not actually channeling myself it is more of a play on words.  Not too long ago, I visited a psychic but came away from that session with more questions than what I went in with.  The following day I was meditating trying to come up with some answers about my life and I thought, “if only I could channel myself.”  So the idea was born and soon after I decided to start this blog.  What it boils down to is that I am really trying to channel my higher self.

What I desire the most is to remember who I really am, why I chose to reincarnate back to the earth realm, and to recall the knowledge my soul possesses in the spiritual realm.  I’m searching for answers to the unknown and hopefully by doing some soul searching and becoming more spiritually enlightened I can find the answers to my most intriguing questions.

“People like us, who believe

in physics, know that the

distinction between past,

present, and future is only a

stubbornly persistent illusion.”

~ Albert Einstein

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