Create Your Own Web Site/Blog

Have you ever thought of creating your own web site or blog but didn’t know how to get started? Or maybe you have created your own site but can’t seem to market it quite effectively. Would you like to make money from your web site or blog but don’t know how? When I first came up with the idea to start my own blog I did some researching and found several great sites that had valuable information. Here are a few tips that I learned and would like to pass on to you.

  • Create content that appeals to large audiences.
  • Create content that is yours, instead of just linking to other sites.
  • Generate articles based on ideas that won’t lose popularity.
  • Write about things that interest you, you will find more peace and happiness doing this.
  • Set out to honestly help people, or provide them with a service or product you believe in.

The first part of the process is coming up with a name for your site.  The name will basically be turned into the URL which is the World Wide Web address (  Once you have decided on a name you will have to check to see if that name is available.  For example, I chose so the first thing I had to do was check to see if that name was already is use.  There are several sites you can go to verify if a domain name is available.  I chose and input my desired domain name into the search bar and discovered that name was available.  Once I knew the name I wanted was available I paid to have it registered.  Depending on how much you want to spend, you can register your site name for a specific amount of time; typically you can get one year for $10-$20.  It is important to note that if you believe you have a unique domain name don’t waste any time registering that name.  You never know who else might register that same name before you get the chance then you are stuck choosing a new name.

Once your domain name is registered you can take some time and consider how your site will be hosted.  The most common way is to pay to have a company host your site on one of their many servers.  You can also host your site on your own server; however, if you already knew that you probably don’t need this information.  Again, there are many sites that offer domain hosting.  I recommend doing some research and find what best works for you and your budget.  Things to consider when choosing are bandwidth, server space, email accounts, and MySQL Databases.  Hosting prices vary but usually are in the range of $5-$20 per month.

After you choose your domain host you will need a way to actually design your site.  I chose to use WordPress which is completely free, easy to use, and has several themes to choose from.  These are just the basics to get you on your way.  Other factors to consider include page layout, keywords, making your site highly visible, and ads (if you choose to put ads on your site).

There is a lot of free information on the Internet that can help you with the entire process; however, that information can also be overwhelming and sometimes contradicting.  One of the most important things to consider, especially if you want to make money from your site, is how you will market your site.  How will you drive high volumes of traffic to your webpages?  That alone can be very challenging but don’t let that discourage you.  Stay positive and determined and you will eventually be rewarded.

One of my favorite blogs to read is and the site owner, Justin, has just released a great ebook Guide 4 New Bloggers. There is plenty of great information and has everything you need to get started and more.

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