Is the Moon Fake and Does it Affect Human Consciousness

Written by Guest Blogger on February 21st, 2013

It has been speculated that the Moon is an artificial construct that was built using soil from the Earth. The Moon does not have a magnetic field yet the Moon’s rocks are magnetized. It has been speculated that Earth, taken from what is now known as the Pacific Ocean, was used to build the Moon.

At one time three quarters of the Earth was not covered in water, but instead the Earth’s atmosphere had a huge canopy of vaporous clouds that kept the temperature cool, and blocked the harshness of the Sun.

The Moon is larger than it should be, obviously older than it should be, and much lighter in weight than it should be.

Isaac Asimov, the Russian Professor of biochemistry stated that the Moon, which has no atmosphere and no magnetic field, is essentially a freak of nature because the Earth is the only planet within the solar system orbited by a satellite so enormous in relation to the planet it circles.

Asimov stated that by means of cosmic laws, the Moon should not be orbiting the earth. He came to the belief that the Moon by rights shouldn’t be there.

The undeniable fact that it is a kind of stroke of luck almost too good to accept. Small planets similar to Earth, with weak gravitational fields, would possibly lack satellites.

Basically then, when a planet has satellites, those satellites are a lot smaller than the planet itself. , Subsequently although the Earth has a satellite, there should be every cause to suspect that at best it would be a small world, most likely about 30 miles in diameter.

But this isn’t the scenario with the Moon. It is gigantic. Have you ever seen how massive it looks in the sky at times?

The Moon is a huge satellite, 2160 miles in diameter. How can a planet as small as the Earth have one then?


Zulu Mythology about the Moon

Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa said that Zulu legends believe the Moon to be hollow and the home of the Python or “Chitauri” or as David Icke calls them the “Reptilians”, a race of intelligent extraterrestrials.

The legend goes that the Moon was brought here hundreds of generations ago by two brothers, Wowane and Mpanku, who were the leaders of these Reptilian extraterrestrials.

These two were known as the water brothers and they both had scaly skin like a fish. This tale is very similar to the Mesopotamia and Sumerian accounts about the two chief leader brothers Enlil and Enki, (Lord of the Earth).

Credo continues telling the Zulu legends of how Wowane and Mpanku stole the Moon in the form of an egg from the “Great Fire Dragon,” and emptied out the yolk until it was hollow.

Then they “rolled” the Moon across the sky to the Earth which brought about cataclysmic events on this planet (the end of the “Golden Age”).

Credo Mutwa claims that the Earth was very different then it is now before the Moon had arrived. There weren’t any seasons and the planet was perpetually engulfed by a canopy of water vapor. People did not feel the strong glare of the Sun that we currently do now, and they could only see it through a watery mist.

The Earth was once a beautiful place, a lovely place, lush and green with a gentle drizzle and mist, and the Sun’s wrath was not experienced. The water canopy fell to the Earth as a cataclysm of rain when the Moon was put into place in the Earth’s orbit. This is symbolized in the Bible when it rains for 40 days and 40 nights.

Zulu legend says that these reptilian beings control and operate the Earth from the Moon. That they basically use the Earth to parasite off of and not just physical things like gold and water, but lower vibrational emotional energy like fear, worry and stress.

Zulus and other native African accounts say the Moon was built far, far, away to keep an eye on people, and as a vehicle to travel the Universe. Credo says that the Reptilians “Giant Mothership” is the Moon and that’s where they escaped to during the cataclysms of the “Great Flood,” which they had caused by manipulating the Moon and inciting other cosmic events.

This is the place where “Noah” from Biblical accounts was taken, along with others who were chosen to survive and replenish a brand new genetically modified species after the Earth began to recover. Noah was taken on a boat alright, in this case though, the boat was actually a spacecraft.

The arrival of the Moon and the Reptilians changed everything on Earth. It modified the Earth’s rotation and angle – the earth turned over on its axis as the legend says, and brought more powerful tidal systems that had once been much calmer. Women did not menstruate before the Moon arrived.

Credo stated that the Moon stops the Earth from getting too fertile, and that the Moon and Earth are involved in a silent war. The story goes that the Reptilians threatened to take away the Moon if humans didn’t do what they were told. This would create major destruction on the Earth if they decided to “take away the Moon”.


Alien Bases on the Dark Side of the Moon

Sergeant Karl Wolf told the press club how he saw photographs of an Alien Base on the “dark side” of the Moon. He was asked to go to a facility at Langley Air Force base where the NSA was collecting the information from the Lunar Orbiter photographing the Moon.

When he arrived, two officers took him into a laboratory and this is what he said:

…he was showing me how all this worked and we walked over to one side of the lab and he said: “By the way, we’ve discovered a base on the back side of the Moon.” And at that point I became frightened and a little terrified, thinking to myself if anybody walks in the room now I know we are in jeopardy because he shouldn’t be giving me this information.

He then began to show me pictures of this base which had geometric shapes that were towers. They were spherical buildings; they were very tall towers and things that looked somewhat like radar dishes, but they were large structures.

Some of the structures were a half a mile in size, some of the buildings seemed to have very reflective surfaces on them. I worked there for three more days and I remember going home and naively thinking I can’t wait to hear about this on the evening news and here it is more than 30 years later.


David Icke and Mission Control on the Moon

David Icke states that The Moon is the key to making sense of how humanity, and life on Earth has been up until this point in time, and how it is being directed by a hidden force. It is the home base for the Reptilian entities.

It not only houses the Reptilians, but it is a portal for going from the Moon to underground bases on Earth via teleportation, and it also acts as a vessel for traveling interdimensionally between the third and fourth dimension.

Icke also explains how Alien abductees are actually taken to the Moon when they believe they are actually in a “spacecraft”.

Icke says that the Reptilians are broadcasting a fake reality from the Moon that people are decoding into what they think is the physical world. In reality it is a vibrational, digital construct – the same as the reality portrayed in the Matrix movies.

The Moon like all physicality is a waveform phenomenon that we decode into a hologram that only exists as such in our decoded reality. It’s all happening on a vibrational level as “wavefields” in the Metaphysical Universe.

The transmissions from the Moon- the Moon Matrix- are broadcast within the Metaphysical Universe and we then decode them into holographic reality, response and experience.

The Moon is transmitting data into the human body-computer in which the Reptilians genetically changed to receive and decode it.

The precision in the mathematics and proportions of the Moon in relation to Earth and the Sun is all part of this, as is the connecting mathematics, proportion, alignment and geometry of the megalithic structures (Stonehenge, Pyramids) all over the world.

The information – data construct for the virtual-reality universe as a whole is encoded in the photons emitted by the suns in conjunction with what we call black holes.

The transmissions from the Moon have hacked into this data to distort it, and encode other information-realities-into the photons emitted by the Sun.

The Suns are the controllers of reality in that they emit photons encoded with information that penetrate the DNA and stimulate the visual center of the brain (where we construct holographic reality). Holographic reality is not an external world rather it is all happening within us as we decode what David Icke calls the “Holographic Internet”, the collective reality broadcast as information by the Suns.

If you hack into that information -data and change it, you are going to alter the perceived reality of the receiver. And if you have genetically altered the receivers (the human body) to tune them into your information, your influence on their reality is even more powerful. This is what is happening via the Moon.

People aren’t decoding the original information in the photons emitted from the Sun but a “hacked” version of it. The target receiver of the Moon Matrix transmissions is the frequency range of what we call the Mind, especially the Reptilian brain, and to keep us enslaved in the false reality of the Moon Matrix. Icke believes that the Reptilians fear that humans someday will expand their state of awareness beyond mind and into conscious awareness.

Have you ever heard the term “awaken” in a spiritual sense? When a person has awakened they are essentially unplugging from the Moon Matrix and reconnecting with the photons from the Sun, and then in turn reconnecting with the “All That Is”.

Source: David Icke: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More/ the Moon Matrix


Justin Mazza is a blogger who has committed himself to being a life-long student of conscious evolution and he wants to share his knowledge with you. You can discover more paranormal posts like this one at his blog Mazzastick.
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  1. Hey Justin,

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and whether or not there were actual alien bases there. I watched that interview of the press club and I couldn’t find any reason why Karl Wolf would make that up.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Just SurrenderMy Profile


  2. Mitz says:

    I always assumed that just as the earth rotates as it orbits, the moon does as well. So it doesn’t? From what I understood from the post, no one outside of the government has ever actually seen the back side of the moon? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out the government was hiding something, although I’m hesitant to link anything to David Icke’s theories. He’s kind of out there, although I suppose anything’s possible. I have his “Global Conspiracy” book if you want to borrow it.


    • Here is a good video that explains why we only see one side of the moon.

      NASA has pictures of the dark side of the moon but there is a lot of airbrushed out objects with no explanation as to why they did it. One can only assume they did it to hide something. I watched Jesse Ventura interview David Icke and put him on the spot. You can watch for yourself and come to your own conclusions.


      • Justin says:

        David states that he is merely providing information and it is up to the individual to decide what they want to do with it.

        I saw the interview between Jesse and David and I thought they would have gotten along better then that.

        Jesse was a little too “Jesse” for that interview and apparently David was under the weather at that time and wasn’t prepared for Jesse to be so blunt and straight forward during the interview – Which is total Jesse by the way.

        A lot of fans of the conspiracy theory genre would like to see these two get together again and have a discussion when both parties are up to it.
        Justin recently posted..David Wilcock – Personal Spiritual DevelopmentMy Profile


  3. bonooobong says:

    Hi Justin, congrats to your guest post, it has been a pleasure to read your interesting thoughts about the mistery of the Moon. Honestly, I can tell you that it sounds a little bit weird and occult for me, as a natural born agnostic I always need some rational explanation. By the way I already have known Asimov’s theory, and that’s what I am talking about: I totally respect him as the popular sci-fi author (I Robot, Solaris etc.) but I guess there aren’t any questions about that the moon isn’t any freak of the nature. Trust me, I’m an engineer.
    bonooobong recently posted..A divat és a 3D nyomtatásMy Profile


  4. Peter says:

    These things sound a little bit like a joke…why was the moon fake? If you write down serious words and facts like these, you should attach the source for your thoughts…unless it sounds like a joke…
    Peter recently posted..Die medizinische Anwendung von 3D DruckenMy Profile


    • Mitz says:

      I can understand your skepticism, Peter. Perhaps the term “fake” is misleading. Justin wrote: “The Moon like all physicality is a waveform phenomenon that we decode into a hologram that only exists as such in our decoded reality. It’s all happening on a vibrational level as “wavefields” in the Metaphysical Universe.” He’s saying that the moon is a hologram just like everything else, so in other words it is “fake”. And he does list his source, which is the David Icke book. I’m sure some people would/do find Icke’s theories a joke however. It all comes down to how you choose to interpret reality. David Icke interprets it in a rather bizarre way I think, although as I have stated before, anything is possible. I don’t really have a problem with the universe as a holograph theory, but reptilians and such? Not so sure about that part.


    • Justin says:

      Check out these 2 books if you have a chance.

      David Icke: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

      Who Built the Moon by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

      These are my sources.
      Justin recently posted..David Icke – Breaking the Spell & the Full Magnitude of Who We AreMy Profile


  5. Maya says:

    Wow!That sounds weird but really interesting. I think I have to read the book you’ve mentioned to understand this one, but it sounds really mystical and fascinating.
    Maya recently posted..Ich bin zurck, aber es war wirklich schwierigMy Profile


  6. Ken Atodahl says:

    This is satire, right?
    Ken Atodahl recently posted..Click Here!My Profile


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