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Just Surrender

Visualize yourself stranded in a small sinking boat out in the middle of a large body of water, so far out that you can no longer see any shorelines.  You will never be able to make it to land before the water completely fills the inside of the vessel and sinks.  You do, however, have a small bucket which you use to bail out the water giving you some ray of hope.  At first, your efforts seem to be prevailing as you throw more water overboard than what is leaking through.  Unfortunately, you can’t keep up with the persistent leak that seems to be getting worse and you are growing more tired with every bucket full of water you toss over the side.  Eventually, the inevitable happens and the boat yields to the sea leaving you utterly exhausted, out of breath, floating helplessly in what is more than likely a fatalistic scenario.

While this scenario may suggest a sense of hopelessness perhaps there is a lesson to be learned about when to surrender to impending life changes and not fear what lies ahead.   When we incarnated to this world we planned certain life events to help us work through issues that we may be carrying from past lives.  The intention may be to overcome certain fears or to learn from a specific experience.  While each person’s goals in this life vary it is not necessarily the experience itself that all focus should be given but our emotional reactions to the choices made from facing the experience.

For example, buying a home and having a house foreclosed are both typical events one could face in this lifetime.  On the surface it would be easy to assume that one would be considered a positive event while the other would be negative.  However, the lesson to be learned isn’t to distinguish between the two proceedings by assigning a human emotion to the experience itself.  Let me explain, the buying of a house could very well cause negative emotions for someone if that person chose to let the experience have that affect.  Purchasing a new home could easily cause anxiety, stress, doubt, worry, fear and the list could go on.  On the other hand, having a home foreclosed could easily have positive effects of feeling unburdened, having a huge weight lifted off ones shoulders, the feeling of relief after weathering a storm, etc.  In short, it’s not the event itself we should fixate on but rather the choices we make that give birth to the positive or negative emotions.

In the opening paragraph I tried to paint a picture of someone clinging to an unwavering delusion which eventually led them to a critically dire situation.  There are often times when we are facing head on with an impending life change which we do not want to happen.  However, we do all we can to avoid the outcome by convincing ourselves we can prevent this certainty if we just…………

The answer is typically staring at us the whole time, just surrender to the fear and let life happen.  Ironically, what we find is that after we have survived our ordeal we look back at the situation and realize we are better for going through it.  And typically what we go through isn’t nearly as bad as the fear and anxiety we caused ourselves trying to avoid the outcome.  If the person in the boat would have just realized sooner that bailing the water was a lost cause and just spared their energy for when the boat did sink this individual could have possibly swam to shore or at least held on longer until there was a rescue.

In our pre-life planning we choose to go through many experiences while in this incarnation.  What often happens is that as we are going through the experience we often don’t react how our spirit selves originally intended and thus we continue to see the same patterns over and over again in our lives until we get it right.  If you continue to see the same scenarios repeating in your life there is a good chance that your guides and higher self are presenting you with these situations until the emotional response agreed upon is met.

Surrendering to life shouldn’t be thought of as being weak or giving up.  On the contrary, it should be seen as part of the learning process we all came here for.  There will be times in life that present challenges so when you are facing one of these challenges look within yourself and seek to understand why you are being presented with this experience at this particular time.  If it turns out to be one of those inevitable situations understand there is a reason you are going through it.  Pay attention to your emotions that arise, don’t fear the outcome but seek to learn from the experience.  Don’t get caught in the perpetual loop of life where we can keep drawing to us the same ole situations.  Let come what may and soon you will see that life doesn’t govern you; you have the power to create the life you want.

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  1. Fatima Hipolito

    Surrender is the best for everyone, dont mess you life or something that you sacrifice…
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..LaitmanMy Profile


  2. Alice Santos

    I agree for what fatima said, Surrender is the best when you are still trying and trying dont force your self…
    Alice Santos recently posted..Mid-life TransitionsMy Profile


  3. Mitz

    I’m not sure I agree with you on this one. Although surrendering to the experience AS IT IS HAPPENING may be the best course of action in order to learn lessons, should we just surrender to everything? To use your sinking boat metaphor: what if the person saw a crack appear at the bottom of the boat before it progressed into a hole. Further suppose that the person has a repair kit on board. Should they repair the crack, thus avoiding the hole and subsequent disaster, or should they say “well I guess that means a hole is meant to open up and I’ll end up drowning”? I guess my point is this: if we can see that negative things are going to happen to us and by our own choices we can avoid them, are we supposed to do that, or are we supposed to just surrender and let whatever happens happen? It seems like we wouldn’t be using our free will if we surrender.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      I think surrendering to the experiences as they are happening is the best course. Obviously, if you have alternative choices to avoid a negative outcome you should take them.

      Just remember, the experiences are just that, an experience. The way we choose to feel about that experience determines how we will respond. Perhaps our infinite I’s gave us that experience to see how we would respond.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..CHANGE THE WORLD! “DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!”My Profile


  4. Mitz

    I think our Infinite I’s are giving us these experiences, although I’m not far enough into the butterflies book yet to know whether the Infinite I is causing these things to see what reaction we will have or if it already knows how we’ll respond. Have you read that book in its entirety, or did you stop when he said you were at the “point of no return”? I’m starting chapter 10.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      I am on chapter 13 but have somewhat lost interest after I started disagreeing with some of what he says.

      I just don’t think we have no ability to be creators in our reality. According to his explanation, we are just here for the ride and basically serve just to be the “feeling” machine for our Infinite Is. We get downloaded experiences then choose how to react.

      That might make sense if people didn’t seem to live mundane existences for decades of their lives. What is the purpose of that?
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..CHANGE THE WORLD! “DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!”My Profile


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