Jun 24


I’m so bored – what’s this life for?
I’m starting to feel
That I have been here before
Is it deja vu or real?
Do I have past earthly lives
That I can’t recall?
Were my crimes so non-sublime
They led to my downfall?
What goes around comes around
Or so they say – okay…
Does that mean my destiny
In this life’s to pay
Pay the Ferryman his coin
Across the River Styx
To this Underworld called Earth
Hauling my crucifix
My apathy consumes me
Day after every day
Yet I have my sins to thank
I led myself astray
I find myself all alone
And I wonder why
I have the nerve to question
All the tears I cry
But I can’t take all the blame
The darkness dwells inside
Others here – they’re wicked too
Though they try to hide
I look around – all I see
Are demons after me
Oh they’re disguised as humans
But I can guarantee
They’ll be exposed ’cause I know
The ascension is near
My consciousness will waken
And all will become clear
I’ll be closer than ever
To having peace of mind
I can’t wait ’til December
When that peace I’ll find
And then I’ll know my purpose
Happiness at hand
It’s not deja vu – I’m part
Of a bigger plan
Until then I bear my cross
I carved from shame and pain
While in this 3rd Dimension
Of agony lived again and again
And after the ascension
I will look for you
You my friend who stands by me
Reading this poem through
We’re in this hell together
As in lives before
Come now take my hand
I’m not so bored anymore

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  1. Tina

    This is a nice poem. :)


    1. Mitz

      Thank you Tina. :)


  2. timber shutters

    There is no way to tell what day the world will end. There have been lots of theories about this. When the clocks turned to the year 2000, people thought this. Only God knows when the world will end. Until he decides it is time, we cannot possibly know when that will be. Nobody knows when that will be.


    1. Mitz

      You are absolutely correct sir/madam. Nobody knows for sure if the Mayan prophecy will actually happen, and if it does, what exactly is going to happen. Some people believe it will be the end of the world, while others believe it will begin a “shift” in human consciousness. I personally don’t believe the world will end as such. I think that if anything happens at all, it will involve lifting our consciousness to a higher level, but we won’t know for sure until 12/21/12. On that day either something will happen or it won’t. Thank you for your comment.


      1. Todd | Channelingmyself

        I am more concerned about some whacko or extremist group who will see to it that some major catastrophic event happens on that day.


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