Finding Inner Strength In Adversity

Written by Guest Blogger on April 4th, 2012

This is a guest post by Jason Anthony.


Have you ever wondered about ways to get beyond all of your problems so that you can grow and become more complete individual?

For the most part, we’ve all experienced those rough patches.  Many of us have even felt what it’s like to be kicked while already down.  It stings a bit.

When you perceive or experience pain or suffering, gathering up the right amount of courage and drive to take action can be difficult.  It’s much easier to sit passively on the sidelines and “ride the storm out.”

Early on in my adult life I used to let the negative take its toll on me.  I’d hit these low states of energy where my emotions and physical being were just completely drained.  You could find me in either self-destruct or shutdown mode at any given time.  I’d submerse myself in pretty much anything that was unproductive and even lock myself away from the outside world at times.

It wasn’t until I started working on myself when a few simple and easy to learn ideas dawned on me.  I discovered that a lot of the real work is simply bridging that gap between those low states and the results and achievements we so greatly desire.

Sometimes You Get Pushed Around

When you’re down or feeling blue, its easy to be washed over with an array of negative feelings.  Sometimes it hurts and feels bad just hurting and feeling bad.

Negative emotions and thoughts are tricky in that manner.  They appear to pile right on top of of each other, crowding the space inside your mind.  When this happens a lot of our priorities and goals get put on the back burner so that we may seek comfort or soothe ourselves.

Like with my own experience mentioned above, this can lead to a lot of sitting around on the couch watching television, oversleeping, overeating, and missing out on a lot of what life has to offer.  While I was sitting around doing nothing I was getting exactly the same in return:  nothing.

Find Strength By Uncovering Weakness

To realize your true source of inner strength it makes a lot of sense to review what it is that is holding you back.  For many it can be issues with self-worth, esteem, belief, and even misguided values.

In my example, I struggled with self-esteem which held me back.  I didn’t feel good about myself as a person, so it made it that much harder to feel good about what I did, and even the people closest to me.  By working on defining myself as an individual and setting up healthy boundaries, I was able to reach a place where I was comfortable and felt good about myself.

Regardless of what the cause is or where you are starting, you can always work towards focusing on what drives you, or sparks your sense of determination and ambition.  By seeing beyond the fog it makes it much easier to look towards the future.  In other words, you can still chase your passions or work towards finding them, even while working on the root cause of your issues.

Channeling Strength From Within

With a few adjustments in mindset, extraordinary things are possible.  Here are a few ideas that I’d like to share and steps you can take today to start building on the core of your inner strength.

1) Allow Failure So You Can Move On

While experiencing those down times, odds are you may trip up a bit.  I’ll never forget hearing Denis Waitley’s take on failure.  He said “Failure is fertilizer.  It stinks, and you can step in it, but don’t roll around in it!”  Fertilizer helps plants and herbs grow to be strong and healthy.  Use your adversity as opportunities to find enrichment and grow within.

2)  Use Your Issues As Inspiration

Sometimes being backed into a corner can be a good thing.  It allows you to draw upon your strength at a much needed time.  It can be a little push or reminder to yourself, or serve as the proper notification that now is your time.  I personally find it extremely gratifying to take all the “wrong,” I perceive and use it as my own personal ammunition.  There’s nothing like an underdog victory and you can be the comeback kid!

3) Immerse Yourself In The Details.

Dive into everything with all you’ve got.  Love the details.  The smell of a fresh cut orange or the look in a child’s eyes when they’ve just conquered a major milestone.  It’s those tiny details on the surface where we can find some of the greatest and most profound inspiration.  You don’t necessarily have to look toward what you’ve done already or accomplished, something as simple as a cool breeze or setting sun can give you that much needed boost required to act.

When you use yourself and what you find around you as fuel to get into gear, it is much easier to forge ahead.  I know if somebody like me was able to make a couple of adjustments and achieve great results, then you can, too.

Jason Anthony is the founder of EvenMinds.  He shares ideas and philosophies with others so they might be inspired to design an extraordinary life for themselves.  Visit today to learn more action steps for your Health, Wealth, and Love.
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  1. Hi Jason,

    I was really inspired after reading your post. The 3 points you brought up were well thought out. Number 1 was my favorite. I believe many are in denial about failure or they let the thought of failure keep them from ever trying. Acknowledging our failures is very empowering and helps us to find acceptance for our imperfections. Great post!!
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Chakras: You Are What You ThinkMy Profile


  2. Hi Todd, thank you very much for the opportunity to post, glad you found some inspiration :)
    Jason Anthony recently posted..Stop Wasting Your Efforts And Start Getting FocusedMy Profile


  3. veehcirra says:

    This is a lovely post. Todd I resonate with you on the first point. Acknowledging failure goes a long way to overcoming our fears and failures.It’s like shining light in the darkness. The light always shines through.

    When we resist to let life flow, we limit ourselves unnecessarily. And allow the low energy to live in us and thus bring us down even more. Very interesting thoughts Jason.


  4. Laura says:

    I believe that stress occures when we are not allowing ourselves a failure. I have even started to allow myself feeling bad, I keep telling me that it is OK to feel bad sometimes, and it did help me overcoming my (bagatelle) problems.
    Laura recently posted..Today’s balance: awesome experiences in London and a tooth lessMy Profile


  5. Carmen says:

    This is a wonderful blog Todd. Thanks for letting me join the conversation. You did a great job Todd, keep posting your informative thoughts with us.


  6. Julie says:

    Such an interesting and inspiring article! I really like your point on the details, I totally agree, the details are the important building parts of any success.
    Julie recently posted..Dental Implants For A Permanent Tooth AlternativeMy Profile


  7. Born27 says:

    I appreciate your post. For a reason that I could barely relate. I’m this person who depends my decision on others decision. Most of the time, I listen to what others say. And I’m not totally happy with it. And I don’t even know until now what should I do.


  8. Anna says:

    It is really inspiring how the blogger has turned their negative experiences and bad feelings into a kind of motivation. I think we all know the feeling just sitting around and don’t doing anything. But then, we have to look in the mirror and ask: who do you think you are?
    Anna recently posted..cosmetic dentistry londonMy Profile


  9. Pete Goumas says:

    It is good to find strength by uncovering weakness and even I did it and found it’s good results also we should allow failures in our lives though it is not easy but gives true inner strength.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Spartoo Coupon & ReviewMy Profile


  10. Antonia says:

    Wonderful guidance. I particularly like number one, as well. Failures are great learning opportunities, but things don’t always look as we think they should. Being able to trust the process is so important. Thanks Jason and Todd! :-)
    Antonia recently posted..My Dearest Winter BodyMy Profile


    Twitter: edenSol

  11. Laura says:

    Great post, I like your point on allowing failure so much! I am a big fan of the trial and correct techniques, without mistakes we couldn’t be better.
    Laura recently posted..Easter of a different kindMy Profile


  12. Amy says:

    Turning our mistakes and failures into benefits is the greatest skill a human can have, we can learn from our mistakes and avoid to make them again. I really like your analogy between plants and human, our mistakes function really like a fertilizer, which helps the plants to grow healthy and avoid the weeds. Great article!
    Amy recently posted..Considerations of Getting Your Tooth ImplantsMy Profile


  13. Amy says:

    I admit it, turning our mistakes and failures into benefits is the greatest skill a human can have, we can learn from our mistakes and avoid to make them again. I really like your analogy between plants and human, our mistakes function really like a fertilizer, which helps the plants to grow healthy and avoid the weeds. Great article!
    Amy recently posted..Considerations of Getting Your Tooth ImplantsMy Profile


  14. Steve says:

    Interesting post. I agree that with a little change in mindset, extraordinary things are possible.

    I’ve especially found a lot of inner strength by allowing myself to fail. It’s strange that such a simple ajustment as allowing yourself to fail can lead to more success. It’s just like you said, failure is fertilizer.
    Steve recently posted..Are You Remarkable or Forgettable?My Profile


  15. Jane says:

    Allowing mistakes could be really a productive process, although it doesn’t sound like that for the first time. But if we analyze the consequences and use them for our business plans in the future, they could make one’s marketing skills better.
    Jane recently posted..Personal injury claimsMy Profile


  16. Karyn18 says:

    Having some mistakes make sense because we learned from it. It’s good to experience it, really. This is the best way to know what we should do to make it better if not be the best. We could strengthen all our weaknesses. And we can make the right way to reach our goals.


  17. Shikha Singh says:

    Great story Nick! Everyone has faced adversity, but few have the courage to take it head on! Thanks for sharing. It takes so much strength to share this level of adversity and pain in a public forum. It will be the key to healing for you. Thank you for sharing your struggles. They will help more people than you know!
    Shikha Singh recently posted..SMSMy Profile


  18. Hi jason This is really great To be honest I’ve learned something new in here keep it up the good job sir..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..Fingernail Fungus TreatmentMy Profile


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