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Lions and Tigers and 2012, OH MY!

It’s officially here folks, the year 2012 has arrived. There has been much speculation about what will happen on or before December 21st of this year. Some of the more popular theories embrace the doom and gloom scenarios of the earth and all of humanity being destroyed. Hollywood has certainly played a role in perpetuating this apocalyptic fear and spreading visions of mass hysteria and earth wide cataclysms . However, I can’t solely blame Hollywood for the terror that has been permeated into our society regarding 2012. Although the end of the earth can be dangled in front of us like a carrot by the many outlets spreading visions of the apocalypse it is our choice whether we chase it.

A little over two years ago I wrote Waiting For 2012 and I spoke of how some people, including myself at the time, almost welcomed the end of the world to be here. If any of you have ever done any research regarding 2012 you certainly are aware of all the doomsdayers’ and preppers’ websites that have sprung up all over the Internet. When I visit these sites or read similar posts on forums it appears as though they welcome the end and in my opinion are contributing to the possibility of a dire consequences in the near future.

I recently watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel titled “Apocalypse 2012 Revelations.” While watching this program I was reminded of companies that actually build underground bunkers specifically designed for a doomsday scenario. And while this came of no real surprise to me considering I’ve heard of these bunkers in the past what really startled me was that one of these companies “Hardened Steel Structures LLC” was actually constructing survival arks for very wealthy clients. Apparently, this company is building at least two survival arks costing millions that can sustain 200 people for approximately five years. I tried to do some research to verify this information but came up with nothing. You will just have to take my word for it or watch the documentary for yourself if you have any doubts. When I learned that there were actually people spending millions of dollars on survival arks it donned on me that there could actually be something to this whole 2012 hysteria and what it may bring about.

It’s not that I personally believe that the world will come to an end on December 21st of 2012; however, could the paranoia being fed to the masses actually be contributing to the outcome of such an event? Is 2012 a self fulfilling prophecy? I’ve written posts on this blog about the universal consciousness or what I refer to as Infinite Consciousness. If you believe in such an idea it would be wise to consider that not only can positive effects be brought from the collective beliefs of mankind but also negative consequences. I believe in the power of intention and how it can be used to manifest our desires. The question becomes is whether the collective consciousness of mankind has the ability to bring about some world wide disaster.

There has been much speculation about what could happen on the 21st of December. Some of these events include, grid crippling solar flares, pole reversal shifts, the return of Niburu, alien invasions, devastating earthquakes resulting in global flooding, massive asteroids, nuclear war, biological warfare and many more SHTF (shit hits the fan) scenarios. To be honest, even though I believe in the power of the collective consciousness I don’t think some of these events could be brought about no matter how much people believed in the idea. For instance, if the majority of the earth’s population believed in the return of Niburu I don’t think it is going to happen if the planet doesn’t exist. What worries me though is whether the collective belief in a world wide catastrophic event this year could manifest into a nuclear war or some other situation that is in our direct control.

If enough people believe in something they certainly have the power to will it to happen. Unfortunately, all it would take is one rogue lunatic to manifest the fears of the many. It also doesn’t help that there are individuals in positions of power and those with vast amounts of money assisting to maintain the absurd belief in Armageddon. If you don’t believe what I am referring to please take some time to research the following:

  • The Doomsday Seed Vault located near the North Pole.
  • The Norwegian governments involvement in building underground bunkers and vaults.
  • The money being invested into the building of doomsday bunkers for the private sector.
  • The underground bunkers beneath the Denver International Airport (not confirmed.)
  • Survival arks being built for wealthy secretive clients.

The above list is just to name some of the known projects that are being carried on around the world, imagine what is taking place that we’re not aware of.

If you weren’t concerned before about the potentiality of 2012 being an ominous self fulfilling prophecy I hope after reading this post you will at least consider the possibility. And while it isn’t my intention to be one of the many sites promoting doom and gloom I wanted to alert all of you to what could happen if the fear mongering regarding 2012 continues to spread. Fortunately, we don’t have to succumb to a disaster movie scenario; we have the power to make the year 2012 work in our favor. All it takes is a belief in positive things to come and the 2012 contagion will be halted. Just because the carrot of fear is being dangled inf front of us doesn’t mean we have to chase it.

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  1. VeehCirra

    This is a very valid and interesting argument Todd.

    Thinking whether the collective consciousness of mankind has the ability to bring about some world wide disaster is a really sobering thought.

    Just wondering, since “Dec 2012” has being thrust in our attention so much. Don’t you think that the fear and actually not wanting the world to end will negate everyone’s thoughts?

    Some part of me is aware that something will definitely in 2012. However, some other part also believes the world will not end as Hollywood is making us believe.

    Guess will have to wait and see…


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Veeh,

      I think my biggest concern is the amount of people who are actually hoping for something to happen. Mix that with the majority who have some fear of such an event and it just may happen. But who really know, I believe we will all be here Dec 22 of this year.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Embrace Infinite ConsciousnessMy Profile


      1. TracyAnn0312

        Well I think that these is such a wonderful idea you have shared. Lions and tigers would be a great idea you have said.
        TracyAnn0312 recently posted..Glock accessoriesMy Profile


  2. Justin Mazza

    I wonder the same thing too Todd. Can we indeed collectively make something happen?

    I read that Denver Airport has some really crazy post apocalyptic pictures hanging in there. And also the underground bunker thing too.

    It’s all very interesting to say the least.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Having Integrity – Mutual Respect – and my Aflac ExperienceMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hey Justin,

      I’ve been to DIA several times and have looked at those murals and believe me, they are creepy.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..UNDERSTANDING TAROT CARDSMy Profile


  3. Julie | A Clear Sign

    Hi Todd,

    That’s entirely possible, I suppose. That may be why a lot of “lightworker” oriented sites and even Doreen Virtue are mentioning that those who don’t wish to manifest it, actively oppose it and lift the energy consciously. Even there though there is the outright statement that “dark forces” or those “not of the light” are working to reduce the positive impact of the “light”, which is basically a scare tactic and polarizing. Funny, isn’t it?
    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted..What Is A Spiritual Download and Why Do Tests Follow It?My Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hey Julie,

      I didn’t know about Doreen Virtue’s site promoting positive beliefs to counter the 2012 propaganda, I will check it out. I agree that there are those in high places that are actively trying to manifest some catastrophe to bring about some kind of new earthly government.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..In My Reality……My Profile


  4. Anna

    I do not know..all these stories about 2012? The only potentially true is the declaration of the Japanese princess, did you watch it?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Anna,

      I’ve heard of the statements made by the Japanese princess but I haven’t watched the whole video. All I know is that something isn’t right and I hope that nothing bad happens.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..We Are FamilyMy Profile


  5. Matt

    When my children bring this up (because for some insane reason their teachers have mentioned it), they ask me if I think the “world is going to end” on 12/21/2012. To that I can only tell them that I think the “world” has already ended 😉 Look at all the turmoil we have faced… environmentally, politically, etc… Sure I think it is possible but, like the cartoon depicts, this is all one big giant misunderstanding on the part of mankind… Boy will I be embarrassed if I’m wrong 😉
    Matt recently posted..Yоu Мust Live іn thе Wоrld оf Independent FilmMy Profile


  6. Brien16

    I really love every thoughts that you share here, A kind of ideas that full of ideas.


  7. Catwoman

    Thanks for this informative text, I totally agree, it was a big and overdosed trouble with the end of the world. The most of these panic theories are generated by bog companies, and they all want us to buy more.


  8. EleonoraEOF

    Hi, Todd,
    I now participated in your poll and marked that the day of December 21, 2012 will be just another day, like any other. I strongly want to believe this, as I still want to live and enjoy life with my family and friends! The illustration you added to the text is hilarious. And who knows-maybe it was like that…they just didn’t have more space to add any more years.;)
    EleonoraEOF recently posted..MX-LS7 Review by IsatoriMy Profile


  9. Andrew Walker

    Well, hi there Todd. I also agree with Ms. Eleonora there. I believe that the day of December 21 this year, it will be just simply another day. I mean, come on, no matter how good you are, no matter how gifted you are, I don’t think there will be anyone who can predict the future as accurate as that! Right?
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Print on Demand Puts Online Buyers in ControlMy Profile


  10. Danyelle Franciosa

    Hi Todd, you explode my mind about this. I never know about this kind of stories in 2012 but atleast I know it. Anyway thanks for sharing this!


  11. Fatima Hipolito

    I was have fun with this Todd, you give us something really great info and I think this will be great for 2012..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..CZ 858My Profile


  12. Kane Hipolito

    That’s right fatima, everyone here have a positive think for 2012 twelve even if its really a clueless to us..
    Kane Hipolito recently posted..SMSMy Profile


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