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Embrace Infinite Consciousness

The topic of universal consciousness, what I refer to as infinite consciousness, is often discussed on New Age blogs and is written about in many metaphysical books.  When I first started ChannelingMyself I had an idea of what that term meant but never really understood its true meaning.  I knew infinite consciousness was supposed to mean that we are all connected, or one with each other and all living things.  Not only are we connected with each other but also with the source energy, aka God.  However, I was never able to truly comprehend what this consciousness was inside me or what exactly, if anything, I was supposed to feel or identify with.  It wasn’t until after I finished reading the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, and a personal experience, that I became “aware” of what this consciousness was inside me and also in each of you.

I’ll bet you think this song is about you, Don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you?

One night I was laying in bed trying to drift off to sleep when this song from Carly Simon popped into my head.  You know that song that everyone wants to know who she is singing about.  Was it Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, or maybe James Taylor?  Apparently, I must have heard that song earlier in the day and for some unknown reason it became embedded into my mind and I could not free myself from its tormenting lyrics for most of the night.  At one point the nagging repetition of “Don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you?” became so stuck in my mind that it gave me a headache.  If you have ever had something similar happen you probably understand the torture I was going through.  As I lay there suffering I couldn’t help but wonder why I was undoubtedly powerless to make this song stop playing over and over in my head.  Then it donned on me!  There was some sort of duality at work inside me, my awareness within and the mind I’ve indentified with all these years.

There were the thoughts inside my head that kept repeating certain lyrics from “You’re So Vain” and then there was this “awareness” that was conscious of those thoughts.  When I was reading “A New Earth” I tried to imagine that awareness that he referred to but it didn’t resonate with me until that night when I couldn’t get that song out of my head.  In his book, Eckhart Tolle describes the duality between that awareness/consciousness and the ego.  If you still can’t relate to what I am trying to explain take a moment to try this simple experiment.  Try to picture a word, number or image of something in your mind and only focus on that image and think of nothing else.  For most of you, I bet it is nearly impossible to do for very long without your mind wondering onto some other idea or thought.  It’s as if you can’t control your very mind!  However, that really isn’t my point.  My point is that there is some consciousness within you that was aware that you were unable to maintain your focus on that image.  It is this awareness or consciousness within each of you that is the essence of the collective infinite consciousness.

All Things Return to Source

When attempting to comprehend this collective consciousness we all share I tried to imagine how the individual awareness fused into the whole.  What I came up with was a pretty simple illustration of a hand.  Imagine the center of the palm being the source energy, what most refer to as God, and each finger being a representation of one “awareness” within all of creation.  Now imagine a hand with an infinite number of fingers and you get the idea of how we all are connected.  I know it may not be the most elaborate of illustrations but it certainly has helped me grasp the vastness of an infinite consciousness and how we all are connected to each other and back to the source.

Unexpected Revelations Apparently Come in 2’s

After finally understanding and identifying within myself what this awareness was I wasn’t done having “Ah Ha” moments.  At some point before I started ChannelingMyself I read that meditation played a key role in awakening the psychic abilities within all of us.  My understanding of meditation was that it helped to quiet the mind but I didn’t put 2-n-2 together until I sat down one evening to meditate not long after I discovered my inner awareness.  As I started to meditate it occurred to me that by quieting my mind and keeping my focus only on my breathing I was allowing my inner awareness to overshadow the usual mind chatter that had so dominated my life all these years.  I’m sure meditation has many benefits but what really aroused my interest was how it had been assisting me all this time in smothering those chaotic thought patterns and egotistic delusions while allowing the infinite consciousness to take hold and awaken within me.

What Awaits Us?

We have finally reached the pinnacle year of 2012 and many ideas of what may lie ahead have infiltrated the Internet fueling widespread paranoia and fear about the end of days.  And while I will admit that I or no one else truly knows what awaits humanity in the year 2012, I would like to believe that we are on the cusp of a great awakening.  Whether this awakening will take place over the course of 2012 or will happen quite suddenly is still to be determined.  The inner awareness that I discussed in this post is what is starting to be recognized by so many people all over the world.  It has been laying dormant in all of us for too long and with the help of conscious people like Eckhart Tolle and many others the year 2012 should prove to be a pivotal point in the history of our planet.  The time is now; we can no longer let the power of the ego hold us hostage.  Awaken to your true potential and become aware of who you really are.  Embrace infinite consciousness and help usher humanity into the Age of Aquarius.


Special thanks to Elisa from ChannelingErik who recommended the book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle

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  1. Emilia

    I hear and read about this great awakening everywhere. Recently I read a blog about angels that are trying to tell us in what state life is going to be changed on Earth this year. It was truly interesting.
    Emilia recently posted..veneers for teethMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Emilia,

      I’ve also read that the Angels are trying to help us awaken. I think what it boils down to is whether we decide to “wake up” and advance to the new age.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..UNDERSTANDING TAROT CARDSMy Profile


  2. VeehCirra

    I always wonder the same thing. What really awaits us in 2012. I feel that awakening you are saying Todd. It’s like something deep within us eager to burst out…
    Reading this post I kept thinking of the book ” The Celestine Prophesy” the mass awareness is happening…
    VeehCirra recently posted..Looking Back To The Year That Was | 2011My Profile


  3. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Hi Veeh,

    I will have to check out that book you mentioned, I am always curious to read about other’s thoughts on the awakening.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..UNDERSTANDING TAROT CARDSMy Profile


  4. Julie | A Clear Sign

    Hi Todd,

    That is a big breakthrough!

    The next step is to contiue observing your thoughts through meditation/deep breathing. Listen for the “quiet” or the “space”. If you don’t get intuitive hits right at that moment (many people say they do, I do not), then listen as you go about your day. Something about the meditation process opens you up to hearing spirit (intuition)…it will come.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Julie,

      I’ve been reading a new book and it talked about a type of meditation where you are aware of your breathing but not controlling it. I am going to try that next.


  5. Fred Tracy

    Lol, I hate getting song stuck in my head.

    The experience to talk about here, where you become aware of the song repeating in your head, sounds almost exactly like what Eckart Tolle describes the power of now. That is a great experience to have!

    I didn’t know much about infinite consciousness before I read this article, so thanks for enlightening me. :-)
    Fred Tracy recently posted..Live Small and Avoid Having a MortgageMy Profile


    Twitter: fredtracy

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Fred,

      I will have to check out that book as well. I think there is a universal consciousness that encompasses us all.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..UNDERSTANDING TAROT CARDSMy Profile


  6. Justin Mazza

    Hey Todd,
    I think it was confirmed that song was about her agent at the time. A really self centered and egotistical person. But I digress.

    My understanding about the awakening is that 2015/ 2016 will be the really big years of “craziness and mayhem.”

    After humanity gets its collective crap out in the open where all can see then true healing will take place.

    On a side note, looking forward to the Broncos/Squealers game on Sunday.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..What does Personal and Spiritual Growth MeanMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Justin,

      I haven’t heard of those dates before but whatever it takes I guess the time frame isn’t all that important.

      I really hope the Broncos can take out the Squealers but it is highly unlikely.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..UNDERSTANDING TAROT CARDSMy Profile


      1. Justin Mazza

        The Bronco’s prevailed. What a game man!
        Justin Mazza recently posted..Peter G James Sinclair Self Development Mastermind CourseMy Profile


        1. Todd | Channelingmyself

          I know Justin, what a great game.
          Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Embrace Infinite ConsciousnessMy Profile


        2. Kagi

          Posted on Great to hear from you. Our creative cngeay Evolved Digital (www.evolveddigital.tv) know all the secrets and I am sure they’ll be happy to give you some quick guidance if you need any


          Twitter: SVTLFsgrRvHE

  7. VeehCirra

    @ Fred, am currently rereading the Power of Now. It’s interesting just how many things I missed on the first time.

    Eckhart says that identifying with the mind creates an opaque screen that comes between you and yourself.

    …the illusion that there is you and a totally separate “other”

    Still trying to “know”that am I one with all that is. It’s not as easy as I thought.
    VeehCirra recently posted..What About The Missed Call?My Profile


  8. Ernest | Video Editing Chicago

    This seems to be interesting! I’m looking forward to what this year might bring us knowing a lot has been saying their own insights about it.


  9. Doug Gene

    I know what you speak of, Todd. Catching yourself in awareness, or being aware of being aware, are some incredible human moments.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Doug,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It is quite an amazing revelation when one realizes their inner awareness.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..In My Reality……My Profile


  10. Cindy

    Really interesting post! I have been always wondering what we could expect in the future. But I needn’t to think about it. We all got connected to the higher power, and we don’t need to focus only on one thing at the time.That the reason why i find the human nature and mind so amazing!


  11. Sharon

    I think there will be a time when a lot of people will focus on awakening this awareness and use it for the benefit of many. This truly requires a lot of practice.


  12. farouk

    that’s a great post to start 2012 with, lets use the higher powers to make this year better


  13. Jboi

    We share the same thoughts on the awakening thats going to happen this 2012.


  14. Andrew Walker

    Hi Todd. Thanks for sharing this. This is a very interesting post. And so far, I didn’t,personally, feel anything that awakens this year. Well, 2012 is still long way to go right?
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Beware of the BargainsMy Profile


  15. Fatima Hipolito

    Hey this this like a great Idea gald that I see this in here keep it up dude..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..Fingernail Fungus TreatmentMy Profile


  16. Kimberly

    I too think we are on the cusp of a new awakening… If not in 2012, surely sometime within the next several years? It seems like humanity is rocketing toward more chaos and knowledge at the same time. There is an awakening on the horizon, if we are to survive… Let us hope so.


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