Nov 27

We Are Family

Most of you reading this are probably familiar with the term of “We Are Family.” For me, this expression is about the closeness of the family unit and how relatives stick together through the good and bad times. I’m sure there are many of you who have been or still are a part of this kind of family bond or perhaps you have known of families that fit into this tight mold. Throughout my life I’ve often heard terms like “that’s my blood relative” or “they’re kin” when referring to people who are a part of one’s immediate or extended family. Typically these utterances were often spoken in times of tribulation where a certain member of the family was in some turmoil and other members of the family stepped in to offer assistance. Ironically, sometimes the relatives weren’t even that close but because of the “blood blond” there was an unwritten code that no matter what family would always be there to lend a hand. It is this kinship that I would like to see manifest, though not in a tight knit family but on a global humanitarian level.

There are approximately 7 billion of us humans living on a giant rock floating out in space in a universe that goes on for infinity. To me, that fact alone is a mind boggling enigma; however, that isn’t even what concerns me. What continues to boggle my mind is that NO ONE can conclusively, without a doubt, provide the answers to our true origins and our purpose (if there is one) for being here on this planet, yet we continue to be divided by such petty differences. Let me elaborate, throughout human history wars have been fought over religious differences, land, resources, power, etc. Vast amounts of wealth, resources, and human lives have been wasted to fight these wars and all the while one of the biggest questions ever known to mankind is still waiting to be answered, at least in my eyes. To give you an idea of the money spent on wars alone consider this, in 2010 the world’s military spending was a whopping $1.6 trillion dollars. Imagine what science could prove and the questions that could be answered if that kind of cash was allotted to seeking mankind’s most perplexing questions. Nevertheless, we continue to be divided by race, social status, financial status, cultural differences, religion, you name it and people will be divided over it.

I’m not going to pretend that I am perfect, hell most days I can’t even get along with my wife. I’m not trying to preach that we should all just get along regardless of our differences. I know that there is probably some psychological analysis that says it is healthy to have differences as long as it is kept positive and constructive. However, what needs to change isn’t whether or not we have opposition but how we let those differences consume our lives to the point of disregarding all rationale. We can no longer accept squandering such immense sums of money to fight meaningless wars, not to mention the callous loss of human life.

Recently, through a professional tarot reading, my own oracle card readings and numerical messages from my guides it’s been revealed to me that my life purpose is that of a lightworker. Now whether this means that I can help to change the lives of just a few or several million I still need to be more diligent about delivering the messages to help awaken humanity. My intention in this post is to help each of you understand that we are all in this together, regardless of our personal beliefs, and that we have the ability to look past our paltry differences and cling to a cause that could change the world into a better place. Like the “blood bond” that unites individual families we as a global family can also stand united as we shift our consciousness into a new paradigm.

I honestly feel that the ruling elites and power junkies want to control the rest of the population through fear mongering and deceitful tactics to create the “us versus them” mentality, especially regarding religious and cultural differences. They want us to feel threatened with different belief systems so we will continue to support their wars and play right into their agenda of total world domination ruled by a chosen few. We give them our power because we continue to remain unyielding to the concept of a loving global family. Now before you become unreceptive to the idea please know that I’m not asking you to become all mushy and go about hugging everyone you see. All I ask is that you open your hearts and minds and let the seed of unconditional love to start to grow within you.

According to Wikipedia unconditional love is a term that means to love someone regardless of one’s actions or beliefs. It is a concept comparable to true love, a term which is more frequently used to describe love between lovers. By contrast, unconditional love is frequently used to describe love between family members, comrades in arms and between others in highly committed relationships. It has also been used in religious context to describe God’s love for humankind. While I will be the first to admit I have a long way to go to accomplish this I can say that I am doing my best to strive towards having unconditional love for all. If you agree with this message please share it with anyone you feel may be interested and let’s bring hope for a loving global family, once united there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.

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  1. Justin | Personal Growth

    You are so right Todd. For those in the dark there is a consciousness that wants to control and dominate humanity through divide and conquer tactics.

    Act in spite of them. You are a lighthouse, a beacon of light and there are millions upon millions of us lightworkers on the planet.

    As long as we are in a human meat suit we will never be perfect and I got over that a long time ago.

    Remember, create that which you thing the world is missing. Or as Ghandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

    p.s. The mind has no idea why it is hear but a larger part of you knows exactly why you are here, and more importantly, your origins.
    Justin | Personal Growth recently posted..Why You Chose to be on Earth at This TimeMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Justin,

      It is so true how a dark consciousness wants to control humanity. I think there are many lightworkers to get help spread the knowledge and love. Keep up the great work Justin, you too are one to spread the love.


      1. Emanuele

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  2. Anna

    I think that or dark consciousness which I call greed is in our genes. For millenniums all people want is to conquer to be more powerful and rich, isn’t. we just do not know where is the border and nothing is enough..Don’t you agree?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Anna,

      I wouldn’t necessarily think this applies to all people. While I can understand why it would be tempting to be in those positions of power I don’t think it is in our genes simply because I believe there are people who wouldn’t abuse their power.


  3. Mitz

    Just FYI: I heard that scientists are now saying that our universe may be finite after all.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Is it because it is still expanding?


      1. Mitz

        I’m not sure. I just remember hearing somewhere that they now think that it has an end to it. If the New Age theories are true, that there are many universes, then it would make sense that ours isn’t infinite.


  4. Melody | Deliberate Receiving

    Hi Todd,

    I have no doubt that there are those who want to control everyone and everything. These people and organizations are acting out of fear. We don’t have to share that fear, and we don’t have to give an ounce of energy to their cause. We can focus on the problem, or we can focus on the solution, but we can’t do both at the same time.

    The world is just fine. More and more people are waking up. Look at the occupy movement – nonviolent resistance. This stuff isn’t going away.

    I think you’ve put it so well – we are all family. We’re all in this together. And the more of us focus on the light, the brighter it will shine, making it easier for others to find it, too. :)

    Huge hugs!
    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..How People Still Manage To Manifest What They Want While Bitching and ComplainingMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Melody,

      I certainly hope the world is starting to wake up to this global shift in consciousness. I guess all we can do is our individual parts of helping to spread the light and love.


  5. Sol | Some Insight Required

    I have arrived.

    Really, what human being can claim perfection? To be perfect is to be whole, and not necessarily living up to the social construction of ‘perfection’ that we are presented with.

    I believe you’re a lightworker Todd. Most people I’ve come across are, including myself. If you can use your gifts to help humanity, then there is no greater purpose.

    My mission here on this Earth is obviously related to writing, but whatever affect that will have on the Universe isn’t for me to know. Well, at least not while I’m here.

    I feel that your purpose has something to do with authenticity. The phrase ‘coming forward’ is what I’m getting. Life’s an interesting journey, so let’s see where it goes!
    Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..Using Your Emotions When WritingMy Profile


    Twitter: SomeInsightReq

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hey Sol!

      I’m glad you were finally able to get here. I wonder what was going on with the trouble you were having? Anyway, I agree that I am a lightworker but to be honest I don’t feel like most days. I’m a little perplexed by what the phrase “coming forward” might mean, but like you said we will see where it goes.


      1. Sol | Some Insight Required

        I don’t feel like a lightworker on most days either. Being a lightworker is both self – serving and… err, other – serving.
        I think ‘coming forward’ might mean that you are the general of your own army. You’re standing in front of a lot of people, looking very strong. I feel like you’re a very strong and grounded soul. Perhaps ‘coming forward’ means that you’re recoinciling with an archetype within you?
        Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..Diagnosis: LoveMy Profile


        Twitter: SomeInsightReq

        1. Todd | Channelingmyself

          Hey Sol,

          I never really thought of myself as a “leader” but I guess I could see myself doing it if in the right circumstances.


  6. Vernon

    Yes really it true here in the Philippines. People supper because of “close family ties” but yet they are “Happy” even though the fact is they can’t move forward.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Vernon,

      I agree, sometimes having those close family ties can really put a burden on some of the family members when others abuse that trust.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Bloggers BewareMy Profile


  7. Mike Stewart

    Having a close family ties can create favoritism and envy among its members.


  8. Fatima Hipolito

    Hi Todd I see this picture in FB and its was really fun this motor looks really like a taxi LOL..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..קבלהMy Profile


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