Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Written by Todd | Channelingmyself on October 31st, 2011

Yesterday I was watching my favorite football team, the Denver Broncos, get their butts handed to them by the Detroit Lions. And as I was watching, I was yelling at the television screaming at the quarterback to throw the damn football! Yes, I was being an armchair quarterback but I couldn’t resist the temptation to input my coaching advice even though I knew Mr. Tebow would never hear me. If you’re like me you have probably caught yourself hurling insults or giving “expert” advice to your favorite sports team or athlete via your TV set. Or maybe you’re one of those people who yells at the actress or actor in one of those cheesy horror movies because they are getting ready to do something really stupid. We get so frustrated because the person we are watching in the movie just isn’t seeing the whole picture and acts clueless as to what is going on around them. Sometimes in life we too act as though we are that bewildered athlete or foolish horror film character. And the ironic part is that our higher selves are the ones watching our lives play out on the screen screaming at us, “don’t eat that” or “go right, go right” or “he’s lying, don’t trust him!” Yet, we don’t listen to our inner voices or the signs that are being given to us.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you made a bad decision and afterward you realized your intuition was speaking to you telling you not to do it? I know that there have been many times in my life where I did something that I regretted and yet failed to listen to that inner guidance system that was steering me clear of certain grief. For instance, a few weeks ago I arrived at work and noticed some pizza that was sitting out in the area near my cubicle. I knew from past events that this must have been leftovers from the shift before mine but really didn’t know how long it had been sitting there. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the pizza was “don’t eat that.” Do you think I listened to my intuition and avoided the old, cold Italian pie? Of course I didn’t, I’m a man and thought well if I just heat it up all will be good. Well I am here to tell you that it was one miserable evening for me and a fellow co-worker/friend who made the ill-fated choice to consume bacteria-laden, hours old pizza. After a few hours of being in what can only be described as “colon torment” my friend jokingly said, “You even said we shouldn’t eat it.” Do you think my higher self was trying to warn me before I made that bad decision? It most certainly was; and like the moronic horror movie bimbo I walked right through the door.

In our lives we are always getting help and guidance via our spiritual teams (higher selves, angels, spirit guides) but often we fail to listen or notice the messages they are sending us. We get caught up in the daily routines and chaos of life and forget to pay attention to those subtle messages coming from our spiritual teams. It’s like when I was screaming at Tim Tebow to just get rid of the freaking football, yet he held on to it and paid the price. In hindsight, I’m certain he saw the errors he made but when he was caught up in the moment it probably didn’t seem so obvious. That is how life can be for us at times, we let all the drama in our lives drown out the guidance we are getting from our spiritual teams. It’s like we are marching through life with blinders on and can’t see the forest through the trees.

The other day I was doing my daily oracle card reading when I got a message from my spiritual team that could only be interpreted as meaning one thing, “Listen to your intuition and the messages you are seeing.” Before I began my session I asked a question to my guides about things that have been happening in my life that I wanted guidance on. After I took out the cards and starting shuffling I dropped two cards on the floor, the “Indigo” card and the “Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings” card. Being the skeptic that I am I didn’t want to take these cards as the messages so I put them back in the deck and shuffled for a few more minutes. As I was shuffling my mind was void of any thoughts and I just sort of stared at some show on TV. When I got the urge to stop I placed the first three cards face down on the table. Can you guess which cards I turned up, well at least the first two? If you answered the Indigo and Intuitive card you are correct. The third card I drew was the “Third-Eye Chakra” card. According to the guidebook, here is a short summary of the cards I drew:

Indigo – Highly sensitive spiritual born leader.
Intuitive – Your body is receiving accurate messages, trust your feelings.
Third Eye Chakra – You are having accurate insights, the angels encourage your visual spiritual gifts.

It is pretty clear from the cards that came to me that I am to trust the messages I’ve been getting, especially the numerical messages and to pay more attention in the future to what I see and feel. Basically, from the question that I asked I was told to trust what I know and feel is going to happen.

If you are anything like me sometimes getting those intuitive messages isn’t as easy as it would seem. One thing that certainly helps is quieting the mind of all that useless chatter and listening to your intuitive voice. I’ve found that daily meditation helps me to tune out the endless conscious chatter and become more aligned with that inner guidance system. Also, pay attention to repeating number patterns and sequences that occur in your life. Once you notice a certain numerical pattern use Doreen Virtue’s site or the Angels Scribes site to interpret the meanings. If you want to go to the next level try your hand at pendulum dowsing and/or Oracle and Tarot cards. There are many ways which you can receive messages from your spiritual team it just takes the initiative on your part to stop, look and listen (it also doesn’t hurt to do this at all railroad crossings either.) Please don’t expect your spiritual team to do all the work, it takes two in any successful relationship; pay attention to your intuition.
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  1. This was a really well done article and I couldn’t agree more. Lately my message has been to stop spending so much time reading on line as there are a million other things in the pipeline, but you knew I couldn’t resist this one, right? I have had cards fall out onto the floor and come up again immediately. Also if I repeat myself and ask the same questions more than once, I tend to get the same card…you’re right, we need to do our share of the work and release doubt.
    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted..Does The Veil Between Worlds Thin Around Halloween?My Profile


    • Hi Julie,

      I was just reading in a book last night about searching for answers all over the Internet and how we should just find the answers within ourselves. I think the message you got can apply to just about everyone right now as so much information on the pipeline can be misleading and even inaccurate. Thanks again for the comment.


  2. David W says:

    I happened to be in Denver during that game and I had to laugh when I read this post. You’re right, there is a higher power feeling when you can see the bigger picture. It reminds me of how easy it is to be a critic.

    Of course, I’m not a Broncos fan, so I didn’t mind at all :)


  3. Oh, cards!

    This actually fits me, as I am an indigo and my working chakra for this lifetime is the third eye! So many coincidences, lately!

    It’s an article with a personal touch. I really like it. Oh and eating bacteria – laden hours old pizza? You should’ve brought a german shepherd.
    Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..How to Actually Bond With Your Spirit GuidesMy Profile


    Twitter: SomeInsightReq

  4. Natzie says:

    I can’t agree more with you! Such a nice tips..


  5. There is no shame in losing to the Lions because they are good this year. :)

    You should see me watching a Ravens game when they are playing horribly.

    I probably would have eaten the pizza too. Well maybe not.

    Oracle cards are great because they get us out of our head and into something physical. That’s crazy that you got those three cards.

    Back to Football though, Its true, being caught up in a fast paced game can make it hard to focus, sometimes instincts need to take over.

    Are you going to watch the Ravens- Steelers on Sunday night? It should be another classic game.
    Justin | Personal Growth recently posted..Intimacy Is Not for the Faint of HeartMy Profile


    • Hey Justin,

      I bet you would have ate the pizza, no guy can resist that temptation. I will be watching the Ravens/Steelers game and rooting for the Ravens, I can’t stand the Steelers.


      • Jola says:

        Todd, I love the message! I aenttd several networking events and am amazed at the individuals that come up to me and shove their business card in my face and then move along to the next person. They never even bother to ask me about me! Managing-your-face-to-face networking-expectations is so very important to the true networker. Thanks for getting this info out there.


        Twitter: XLfaKpbiGVq

  6. Anna says:

    I also believe that sometimes, no matter how acquainted you are on specific topic you must listen to your intuition. Great post!


  7. Adrienne says:

    Hey Todd,

    Although I’m not a sports buff, I’ve yelled at the TV many times. Usually when it’s some dancing contest going on and I want them to say one thing for my favorites and they say another. But, I’ve been right some of the times too! That’s always fun.

    I would not have eaten that nasty pizza. If I wanted it that bad, I would have ordered a fresh one. You men, you’re too funny!

    I’m pretty intuitive so when I was younger I had no clue what that really was. As I got older I started listening to it more. I’m not perfect and probably still have my moments but for the majority of the time, I definitely listen because it’s always right!

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post. I love it when you put yourself into these lessons so we can relate more to the incident. I definitely appreciate that.



    Twitter: adriennesmith40

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Your intuition will never steer you wrong. I don’t get into watching dancing contests but I can just picture people doing exactly what you do, yelling at the tv. You are right, no women were stupid enough to eat that nasty pizza, men will never listen!


  8. Intuition is great power. And we habe to learn to listen to it. But at the same time we should discern between intuition and the desire to do something in our own way.


  9. farouk says:

    yes sometimes its better to follow our intuation instead of over analyzing the data that we have
    thank you :)


  10. Cun says:

    I like this post and I agree with what you have written. Intuition, I feel, is a great time saver and helps you get in 1st with a lot of things.

    When you analyse things you do get some useful insight and can see a way to apply yourself to the results of the analysis but this analysis takes time. Intuition is instant and often takes you down the same road much quicker!
    Cun recently posted..Snow chains for your vehicleMy Profile


  11. Perrie says:

    I will always keep this in mind.. I think you have a very valuable post here.. Keep posting some more post like this!:)


  12. Spam Blocking says:

    I love your post! It really appreciate the value or this post..


  13. VeehCirra says:

    This is so true, I have never though of my “higher me” shouting down warnings, it just shows how stubborn we are not to listen to our own inner voice, this is a lovely post!
    VeehCirra recently posted..The 30 Day Short Story Writing Challenge – Day 1 ! Letting Go!My Profile


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