My Pendulum Test

Written by Todd | Channelingmyself on July 29th, 2011

Summer is just moving along like it does every year and I have found myself not in the writing mood, guess you could say my mind is elsewhere with all this sunshine and warm weather. However, I would like to try something different with this post where I am going to call on the assistance of all my wonderful readers to help me practice with my pendulum. If you have been keeping up with my earlier posts you probably remember that I bought a pendulum last month and have been experimenting with what information I can gather from the spiritual realm about myself as well as other areas. The one thing that I have discovered is that I seem to be influencing the results simply by having an emotional attachment to personal questions. It seems that I never get an answer I don’t want to hear and questions that I have posed more than once can sometimes get conflicting answers. For instance, I’ve been told that I am a starseed as well as that I am not one. I’ve also played a sort of hide and seek game with my boys where they hide something and I try to get the location by asking the pendulum, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a correct answer as of yet. I’ve also discovered that my moods can greatly affect how the pendulum swings so I must be in a calm and relaxed state to get optimal results.

This is where I am going to call on any of you who would like to assist me in getting better at using my pendulum. If you are interested I would like for you to submit a question to me in the comments section, preferably something personal about yourself that I wouldn’t know the answer to, but you do. The question format should only be an answer that is yes/no or a multiple choice question with the correct answer being one of the multiple choices. For example, you could ask me what your favorite color is and give me choices like red, blue, green, or yellow. I would take those multiple choices and put them into a pendulum chart and hopefully get the correct answer. A yes or no question could be something similar to, do I like coffee? I will do my best to answer all questions individually as soon as they are submitted and give you my answer as a reply to your comment. If I have a good success rate at answering your questions correctly I will try another post where you can pose questions that you would like to know the answers to. I would like to thank each of you in advance for taking the time to stop by and read my post and also for your challenging questions.

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  1. Mums says:

    What was the color of my first car.



    • Hello Mom,

      I couldn’t wait to start this experiment so I got out the pendulum here at work and asked your question. The answer I get is black, however, the first time I asked I was getting red. I’m not sure why I got two different answers maybe because I’m not able to really concentrate at work. But I’m going to go with black for now. Did I get it right?

      And for your question you posted on facebook about the anniversary the answer I got is “no.”


  2. Mums says:

    What year was Ross born:



  3. Mums says:

    I was first married to L.W. on June 2, 1967


  4. Mums says:

    You said June 22, 1968 was wrong and that was correct


  5. Mums says:

    Todd, I think you are doing better…because you are keeping your mind and thoughts clear….maybe if you think about the answer, instead of letting the Pendulum do the thinking, it will reveal your answer instead….that might have been the case with the color of my first car…you just remember the black Mustang, being the first car that you remember me having. I hope we can all get together and see this sometime.


  6. Here are a few for you to practice – do one or all, whatever you want.

    Have I been married more than once?
    Have I been pregnant more than twice?
    Do I drink alcohol?
    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted..Offer Ends July 31st – One Quick Intuitive Question and Answer For A Donation Of Your ChoiceMy Profile


  7. Mitz says:

    I have two questions for your pendulum experiment:

    1. What is Willie’s birthday?
    January 5, 2005
    January 12, 2005
    January 19, 2005
    January 26, 2005
    All dates were on a Wednesday.

    2. What name is on Willie’s CKC pedigree papers?
    Wilson Clark
    Wilson L. Clark
    Wilson Lee Clark


  8. Alright Todd, first I was wondering why you haven’t posted in a while, I’m glad that you got a cool topic to write about.

    I have a question for you.
    What was my first car?
    a. Jeep Wrangler
    b.Ford Escort
    c.Honda Accord
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Change The Projector Of Your RealityMy Profile


  9. Hi Todd,
    It makes perfect sense that you’d have more trouble with accuracy when you care about the answer. That’s the trick: you have to completely detach from the outcome. Any attachment, such as “I want this information to be helpful to others”, “I don’t want to look like a fool by being wrong”, etc. will keep you from accessing the frequencies you’re after. I have a much harder time reading the energy of those I care about than strangers because I get attached to the outcome and I kind of censor the info as it comes through. That pinches it right off.

    Here are some questions you can practice on:

    What was my first car:
    A. VW Beetle
    B. Dodge Dart
    C. Mitsubishi Eclipse
    D. VW Rabbit

    What was the name of my first pet:
    A. Tiger
    B. Lady
    C. Freckles
    D. Schatzi

    Have fun!

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..Why People Who Walk Slowly In Front Of You Are So Damn Annoying (And How You Can Stop Wanting To Punch Them In The Head)My Profile


  10. Hey everyone just wanted to give you a quick update. I should be able to get to all of your questions by tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, thanks again for help.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..My Pendulum TestMy Profile


  11. Fred Tracy says:

    Hey Todd.

    I’m just now getting back into surfing the web and commenting on sites, so I haven’t read your previous articles.

    I don’t know much about pendulums… They’re supposed to be able to tell you the correct answer to things?

    Hmm, here’s my question.

    What color shirt am I wearing right now, as I’m asking this question?

    Red, green, gray, or blue?
    Fred Tracy recently posted..What I Learned About Human Greed From One DollarMy Profile


    Twitter: fredtracy

  12. Antonia says:

    Hi Todd

    Glad you’re enjoying the sunshine and blissfulness of summer! I was just thinking about pendulums last night, so I’m Loving the synchronicity of this post :)

    Antonia recently posted..Comment on Trust by AntoniaMy Profile


    Twitter: edenSol

  13. Hi Todd,
    What a fun experiment! I enjoyed reading the comments and would love to participate.
    Can you please tell me which pet I prefer:

    a) dog
    b) cat
    c) bird

    Haha may be too simple but I’m excited to know the answer. Good luck!
    Theresa Torres recently posted..Back to School: the NumbersMy Profile


  14. Hi Todd,
    I love that you’re experimenting with a pendulum. Pendulum’s are a great way to bypass the thinking mind however, as you point out, when we have an attachment to a particular outcome we will influence the reactions of our muscles to change the way the pendulum swings.

    It’s the same with the Tarot or any other type of divination method. We can and do influence the outcome. This is why I never use a pendulum or the Tarot for myself when I have a vested interested in getting a particular answer. I just cannot be objective enough.

    I have a suggestion as to what you’re doing here with everyone’s questions, if you don’t mind? Why not try to tap into the answers intuitively first without using your pendulum? Then follow up with the pendulum. This way you would also be developing your own intuition by learning how it “feels” to you when you have the right or wrong answer. Take notes on the differences to remember for the future.
    Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition recently posted..Change Your Vibration and Change Your LifeMy Profile


    Twitter: Angela_Artemis

    • Hi Angela,

      I love the idea of tapping into my intuition first before going to the pendulum. As a matter of fact, when I was thinking about one of the questions submitted the answer came to me first, I used the pendulum and got the same answer. As it turns out, that was the correct answer. I’ve also been practicing using my intuition by trying to guess which elevator at work will open first, I’m getting pretty good at it. Thanks again for the comment.


  15. Kristina L. says:

    Hi, Todd,
    I don’t know if I am late with this and if you are still practicing using the pendulum. I must notice you are most likely a great person to talk to, who never gets bored with his mind (oh, I don’t want this to sound as it is flattering), but a compliment, sure, why not? I never tried using a pendulum before, but I do know how it functions. Anyway, if I am still not late with posting a question, here it goes.
    1A. Do I like to swim?
    1B. Am I afraid of riding on an airplane?
    And the one with multiple choices:
    2. Which actor do I prefer: Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Sam Shepard or Sean Penn?
    Kristina L. recently posted..Tires Easy Coupon CodeMy Profile


    • Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully I will get a chance to get to your questions in the next day or so. Thanks for taking the time to submit your questions.


    • Hi Kristina,

      Sorry about the delay with your submitted questions. Here is what I came up with:

      Yes, you like to swim.
      No, you are not afraid of flying.
      The last question my intuition told me Costner but the pendulum swung to Richard Gere. How did I do?


      • Kristina L. says:

        It was fun!I was awaiting for the answers to check how will the pendulum do.:)Sorry to say, only the second one is correct-I am not afraid of flying…oh, but swimming – I am disastrous when it comes to water. Gere is my least favorite actor, so I suppose the pendulum wanted to joke with me.:) Sean Penn would be the correct answer. Nevertheless, don’t give up, Todd, it sounds like fun!


  16. Jake Black says:

    Hi Todd. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a very interesting post you’ve shared there! Love it!
    Jake Black recently posted..Marijuana-Shaped Candy Sold in New York Alarms ParentsMy Profile


  17. A pendulum operates on the principle of a periodic interchange of energy between gravitational potential energy (maximum at the top of the swing) and kinetic energy (maximum at the bottom of the swing)


  18. Lara says:

    Hi thanks for the pendelum it makes my life easier. Love it


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