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What Do You Believe?

The other night at work I and a co-worker decided to take a break and go for a late night stroll.  While we were on our walk we somehow got onto the topic of what would be the ideal job.  We both offered suggestions of what we thought would make a job more satisfying and what jobs we have had in the past that we most enjoyed.  However, I had to be truthful and I shared with him what I desired most out of life. I explained to him that I would like to have enough wealth/money so that I never had to work again if I chose not to, and that I would like to wake up each day and say, “What do I want to do with my life today?” and have the wealth and freedom to do it.  He kind of let out a cynical laugh and said, “Yeah, who wouldn’t want to do that.”  What he was saying through his words and his behavior was that my desire wasn’t obtainable; it was too far out of reach.  What I didn’t tell him was that not only have I been attempting to manifest this desire into my life, but I also have my dream home in the mountains already picked out and I have been using the principles of the LOA to manifest this desire as well.   As you might imagine my longing to retire at 39 and purchase a three quarter of a million dollar home in the mountains is quite the lofty ambition, especially for someone who is only in the middle income bracket.

I am a people watcher and one thing that has really gotten my attention lately is the mindset people appear to have towards their dreams and desires.  When I look at teenagers and people in their early to mid 20s I see hope and ambition in their faces.  Do you know what I see when I look at the faces of people in their mid to late 30s and above?  I see defeat.  Somehow over the course of their lives they have accepted that what life has given them will just have to suffice.  They’ve given up on their once majestic dreams and substituted with an attitude of “I will just be grateful for what I have.”  And while they may have dreams they certainly don’t expect the unimaginable.  Perhaps they may hope for a promotion at work, a nicer car than they have, or maybe a nicer home.  Their happiness is based on obtainable yet insipid goals, at least in my opinion.  Be honest, how many people do you know that openly admit to having the desires that I shared and believe it will happen?  I’ve never met anyone; sure, I’ve heard people say how they wish they would win the lottery and what they would do if they did but they don’t believe it will ever happen to them.  I often tell my co-workers, in a jokingly manner, that I am going to win the lottery because I just don’t want to work anymore.  Their response to me is that when I do win they only want a few hundred thousand dollars, funny how they accept that I will win and share with them but not the other way around.  Now this post isn’t my attempt to persuade you that I’m going to win the lottery, but to show you how people often dismiss that anything great can happen to them.

When I first started studying about the law of attraction one of the fundamental rules I learned was not to try and figure out how the desired results will come about.  The objective is to feel as though your wish has already happened and maintain those feelings, but we all know that is easier said than done.  As humans we often feel doubt, it is easier not to hope for something so that if it does not happen we won’t be devastated.  Society, religions, and certain teachings tell us to be grateful for what we have and to find satisfaction within our lives no matter what our circumstances are.  And while this type of advice is certainly commendable and can teach us to overcome obstacles it often programs us into thinking we should just settle for what we have.  My friends, I don’t want to settle for what I have, I don’t want a promotion (I want out of the rat race altogether), or just a nicer car, or an upgrade to my living conditions, I want what I’ve set out to achieve in my life and I believe it will happen………. well I admit I have had my doubts.

I’ve been seeing Numerical Synchronicities for months now and I have seen proof of how these numbers are communications from my guides/angels.  However, being human with a skeptical mind I have found myself having moments of doubt about my dreams coming true.  Although I have been getting signs in the form of these number sequences I couldn’t help but to let doubt creep in.  Fortunately, Julie the author of the blog A Clear Sign I frequently read is an Intuitive Consultant and she offered a free question to her readers in a recent post titled “It’s One Free Intuitive Question and Answer Week!”  Having the doubts I did I posed this question to her, “I’ve been getting a lot of numerical synchronicities mainly 555s, 222s, 622s and 922s any idea what is coming for me?”  The short version of her answer goes, “As I was typing an answer to him, my fingers wrote some additional things, all by themselves.  Basically, that he had already “put in his order” with the universe, he knew what he asked for, but he didn’t quite believe it……I heard, ‘Moving, moving, moving, sudden.’”  If you would like to read the full reply to my question please journey over to Julie’s blog and read Why Intuitive Answers Aren’t Always Black and White.  Now Julie’s answer wasn’t necessarily black and white, just like her post implies, and could mean a number of things.  Nevertheless, I see this as a sign of great things to come.  Sometime last year I received my first psychic reading, and what amazed me was that shortly after the session started he told me he saw me with property in a year or two.  Interestingly, he had no idea that I was living in an apartment in the city and really had no financial means to buy property.  Just a side note, I would never buy property in the city even if I had more than enough money to do so, mountain property is my only desire.

How does a 39 year old man on a middle class income manage to retire and buy a $700,000 home?  I have no idea, but it doesn’t mean I have to surrender to the rationale that it can’t happen.  That is the beauty of the law of attraction; we don’t have to worry about how it will happen we just have to believe that it will.  Not only is my desire for my dreams to come true, but also for each of you.  Whatever your aspirations are, whether monumental or modest, it is crucial to believe that you can acquire what you’ve set out to accomplish.  I have nothing against the philosophy of starting out with small goals working to accomplish the grand objective, many self help experts recommend this approach.  Just don’t lose sight of what you set out to do and settle for completing those smaller objectives.  You may remember being told when you were a child that you could be anything you wanted to be, or maybe you have told your children the same thing.  Adults typically don’t give children false hope, we tell them they can accomplish anything they set out to do because we believe in them.  Don’t stop believing in yourself merely because life has become stagnant.  Anything is possible when it comes to the LOA, it is all a matter of what you believe……….


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  1. Julie

    Aha! Well Todd that just goes to show you that it’s going to happen, and moreover that it will surprise the pants off you when it does :)

    Here is a little ironic connection: I do live in a house that cost $687,000, and though I live in flat Florida, it happens to be the only unique house in the area that everyone describes as a “mountain lodge in the forest.” What does the pic of your dream house look like? You can see my house at http://www.14099micosukee.com.

    Why can you see my house online? Well, I lost my 6 figure job last April. Also, ironically, tomorrow I fly to Atlanta for a last interview for another 6 figure job; it is down to me and one other person.

    I had someone give us $52,000 to keep us in this house the past year. Give. We are 4 months behind on payments. Our perfect credit scores are probably destroyed by now.

    We’ve decided that we aren’t tied to the final answer. A house is just a house. But a dream is another thing altogether.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Julie,

      I know that it is going to happen, the trick is being patient and allowing it to happen. I’ve always felt a strong connection with the mountains here in Colorado and it is the only place I truly want to be. Here is the link to my dream home http://www.coloradohomefinder.com/idx/listings/939279/details.html. I got dibs on this one, no one else better go out and buy it :)

      I hope that everything works out for you, your house, and that job and Atlanta. Thanks again for the inspiring comment.


      1. Julie

        Ooh, that’s gorgeous! Very much like mine, except the “high on a mountaintop” views. Thanks for the good wishes…


        1. Todd | Channelingmyself

          I really like your house as well, I could see myself in something similar if I lived down there in the flat land.


  2. Melody | Deliberate Receiving

    Hi Todd. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)
    I’ve found that numerical synchronicities are a sign of alignment – you’re aligning with the frequency of your inner being (your higher self). In other words, it’s a really good sign. :)

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..How Does LOA Explain the Suffering of the World?My Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Melody,

      I get really excited when I start getting the number synchronicities, although it is indirect communication with my guides it is still pretty cool. Thanks for the encouragement and your valuable comments.


  3. vago

    Very Interesting Todd. I’m also a 39 year old man who has yet to achieve his dream of a beautiful garden somewhere close to the sea, but I am getting closer and not through having a job either.

    At the moment, I wake up, do what I want, take a walk up a stream, play games with my wife, go shopping for what we need, and prepare for the baby we have coming in a month or less.

    This year I’ve been to three continents and nine or ten countries, we have a pretty decent apartment, and we eat healthy food.

    I’m not on some trust fund or retired from a good job. Truth is, we have next to nothing, but we make it work. We live in Morocco where my wife is from and the living is pretty cheap, I do some web development, freelance writing, and frequently work on my website, Vagobond.com which more and more leads to new opportunities.

    I think the key is that I’m not restricted by a job or career and so when an opportunity comes, I am truly free to consider it, take it, or reject it. Yes, I certainly want more, but no, I haven’t given up.

    In terms of my dreams – I want a garden near the sea, it would be nice to own a livaboard sail boat, and I want my wife and daughter to be happy. My dreams have gotten simpler, and for that I am very thankful.

    As to what I believe…I believe God is a magnetic force which provides the world with electricity, gravity, and cohesion. I also believe that God is most likely unaware of us, just as we are unaware of the organisms that make up 92% of our bodies…it’s up to us. Acceptance is good, contentment with what you have is good, dreaming is fine, but never forget the wise words of the Buddha, expectation leads to disappointment.
    vago recently posted..The Art of Conversation with Grumpy ExpatsMy Profile


    Twitter: vagobond

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Vago,

      Thanks for sharing your dreams with us. I admire your way of life, even though you don’t have much in terms of financial wealth you are close to your desired goal. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  4. Nikki | Website Video Chciago

    I have also noticed in some people that when they dream, they don’t mean to reach it. This is mostly true to some unfortunate people who think that some fancy stuff are only for the rich. Then they dream of those things but never meant to do anything to reach those dreams because of the belief that they don’t have the right for those stuff. Truth is, they can start making ways on how to convert those dreams into goals and eventually achieve them.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Nikki,

      I couldn’t agree more. I used to be the same way until I started learning about the LOA. I would dream a lot but those dreams were just fantasies that I never really expected to happen. If people would just believe that great things can happen to them then they would start to witness the power of the universe in action. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  5. Kenya

    Todd — It wasn’t too long ago that I was a skeptic (somewhat), but within these last couple years and especially in the past couple months, I have seen everything I have asked manifesting into reality. Of course, I have asked for courage and to have the Divine assist me in letting go whatever is blocking me. But this is REAL (for me that is). So I guess the answer to your question…is YES…I am definitely a believer. Just an fyi though…some manifestations take time to marinate and cook (if you will), especially if the universe is working on US and assisting us being ready and once we are ready…we just have to open our arms up and receive. When things start to happen around me…it makes me laugh because all the manifestations I have been seeing coming to light…is DEFINTELY not expected…So when they say don’t worry about the HOW…that is true too…lol :)
    Kenya recently posted..Have You Asked Your Angels About ThatMy Profile


    Twitter: psychicjazz

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Kenya,

      I definitely agree that we have open our arms and receive, and we also must be patient because it make take some time four manifestations to occur, possibly years. I am so glad to hear that everything is falling in place for you, I really enjoy reading your comments and your blog as well. Thanks so much!


  6. Patricia

    I understand what you are writing about because I truly believed I would be retired now, not have to work and able to travel or do just about exactly what I wanted to – financial independence/debt free/ comfortable.
    I must not believe enough or be our of alignment somewhere, for here I am working on starting a new business, still not thin enough for healthy, a credit card debt again! and last night we rushed our puppy to emergency surgery for a $4k new debt…the surgery worked so far/but we have not more funds so if it does not cure we will have to put him down.

    I was getting new clients for wise ears – my new business but not one signing up for the newsletter…working of forgiveness and finding blockages…

    Last night I heard Steven Colbert’s speech at NW U….loved this line, paraphrased – I hope you all do not get your first dreams because then the USA will be overrun with princesses and cowboys. Keep dreaming and be open to the new

    I think I am dreaming about how messed up my finances are and how much I want my puppy to be okay and healthy – what am I manifesting now?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Patricia,

      I’m sorry to hear that things aren’t going so well for you right now. It can be difficult to know what happens to a lot of us when we find ourselves in those situations, almost like we are trapped like a hamster in the wheel. I do believe, however, that we made choices in our lives that put us in those situations and when we accept that and understand that everything is happening for a reason we can change our vibrations to start matching with those desires we want to manifest into our lives.

      I know things aren’t looking so great but if you can try to not focus on the negative because that will just attract more of the same. Here is what I do when life throws me a curve ball, I don’t worry and I don’t fear I look at the experience as something that must take place so that I can continue on my destination. Look at it this way, if you have ever been on a road trip/vacation where you run into obstacle on the way to your destination you just deal with the issue and keep the end goal in mind. For example, if you have a flat tire on the highway on the way to Disney World you wouldn’t let that flat tire ruin the entire trip would you? You would take the necassary steps to fix the problem and be on your way, probably laughing about it once you were on the road again. Hope that helps.


  7. Justin Mazza

    Hey Todd,
    That house in the mountains is sweet.I’m digging the indoor slide. Focus, intent, vibrational alignment and that house is yours man.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for the encouraging words, the kids love it when I show them pictures of that slide.


  8. David | Almost Bohemian

    Something strange happens when people get older… its no longer okay to have the enthusiasm and curiosity of a child.

    Too bad too. We could have such a more exciting society if it was really okay to pursue your dreams.
    David | Almost Bohemian recently posted..Are You a Pinsetter?My Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi David,

      We don’t have to accept that we can’t dream, we just have to choose to.


  9. Paul

    I like the never give up attitude.

    I actually have a stickynote set up on the desktop of my computer with a list of 10 goals that I have for my life, and I’ve been crossing each one off as it’s been met. Each one is a stepping stone to reach the next career objective.

    And I have a reminder set up on my google calendar to remind myself to review my goals every few months to make sure I’m still on track to achieve my objectives.

    This is kinda over the top, but I refuse to accept that I’m going to live a life of mediocrity.
    Paul recently posted..The Best Fucking Post You’ll Ever ReadMy Profile


    Twitter: paulwuhoo

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Paul,

      I admire your never give up attitude, I know you will accomplish what you’ve set out to do with your life. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Andrew Walker

    Hi there.
    I think we need to keep on believing in ourselves, believe that we can do it if we try hard enough.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Registry Mechanic CouponMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Andrew,

      It really can be that simple, we just have to believe. Thanks for commenting.


  11. Sol | Some Insight Required

    It’s so nice to read about another person’s dreams and hopes.

    In a way, it brings hope to other people you know.

    I have been in the process of manifesting something for some time now and I’ve seen a lot of synchroncities. They’re great motivators, especially seeing them ‘externally’.

    However, I think that there are inner synchroncities too. If we just keep on it, we will achieve our desires. Yes, we will doubt, but I am of the belief that the positive always overcomes the negative.

    That is to say: My visualizations will always overcome my doubts. Sometimes when I hear my mind scream at me, I remember that the mind screams the loudest but has the least impact.


    Twitter: SomeInsightReq

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Sol,

      I also like to read about other people’s dream, it gives me inspiration. Trying to manifest something we really want can get complicated especially when it takes some time to accomplish. We often get frustrated and doubt which can bring in those negative energies. We have to stay focused and positive and get our inspiration anyway we can. Synchronicities are great motivators as well. Thanks for the comment.


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