Apr 05

Off The Grid

Living sustainably and off the grid has always been an endeavor I wanted to pursue in my life. For many years this desire was merely something that I dreamed about, an idea that I kept in the back of my mind, until recently. I’m not sure why my longing for a sustainable way of life has dramatically increased in the last few months. Something inside me is yearning to give up my current way of life; my citified mindset of “living to work” needs to come to an end. I no longer find any sense of self-worth while subscribing to this mind numbing existence of a corporate employee. Could it be that in a past life I lived this type of existence before? Maybe my soul urges to be closer to a more primitive way of life where my survival is literally dependent on my own two hands. Perhaps something inside me senses a bleak future for the world and wants to get a jump start to ensure survival for myself and my family. Whatever this urge is I can no longer deny it; I must embrace the feelings and emotions it conjures up inside me and set my sights on living the life I was meant take pleasure in.

For me, the ideal life is to live in the mountains and be as close to completely self sustainable as possible where “living to work” becomes “working to live.” I came across the following videos and was absolutely amazed by what this family had done; I could almost see myself doing something similar.

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  1. Les Stroud

    I remember you struggling to cut down a vine to swing on with a piece of shale rock, and did we ever successfully build a lean-to?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Those days were mere training for our future as lean-to consultants. Wish I could spend a day at Forest Glen now with the kiddos.


  2. David | Almost Bohemian

    While most of us are trying to hard to figure out a way to make money and live life on the grid, you’re taking the opposite approach. I like it.

    I just read Emergency and I highly recommend it. It made me want to keep investing in my off the grid life too.
    David | Almost Bohemian recently posted..Why You Must Copy and Steal EverythingMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Thanks for the recommendation David, I will be sure and check it out.


  3. Alice Santos

    Hi Todd I watch the video you post here the story was really great I’m glad you share this here.
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  4. Alice Santos

    By the way Todd what place did you do this? its really nice ambiance even if the side of that place was forest..
    Alice Santos recently posted..דיאטהMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself


      They filmed that video in Canada.


  5. keblon pogi

    Wow is this real? I watch this in a movie, I can believe it that they have in here,,


  6. keblon pogi

    By the way todd, what year is this movie I forgot it?


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