Apr 10

My Astral Journey

Back at the end of January I posted Good Vibrations detailing my first experiences with astral projection, otherwise known as an OBE.  Since then I have had two more occurrences which I would like to share with you here. In my original post I mentioned that I had experienced entire bodily vibrations right before I was able to have my OBE.  In both of my recent events I also encountered these same bodily vibrations while being in between an awake and sleeping state.  Fortunately, in both cases I was completely aware of what was happening so I was prepared for what came next.

The first episode I would like to talk about here was actually the second occurrence within the last two weeks; I’m saving the best for last.  As I have written about before, I was lying in bed sort of drifting in and out of sleep when I started feeling those vibrations again.  Once I got my wits about me and realized what was happening I began trying to lift myself up out of my physical body with my astral body.  On my first attempt I came right up out of my body and was able look down at my daughter who was sleeping next to me.  I instantly became intoxicated with enthusiasm and attempted to fly through the wall in front of me and to my surprise, I succeeded!  The details of what transpired next are still fuzzy in my mind, but somehow I ended up back in my physical body and felt the vibrations again.  I made another attempt at lifting myself out of my body but wasn’t having much success.  I then felt what seemed to be two hands pulling at both of my feet, almost as if someone or something was trying to help me project out of my body.  I would like to note here that at the time I was lying face down in bed, my first experience with an OBE I was lying face up.  Again, the details of what ensued next escape me, but there was one more attempt that I remember.  I rose up out of my body and was moving about the room when I made another attempt at passing through the wall.  Unfortunately, I was not able to pass through nor was I able to think of a location and somehow appear there.  This occurrence, while very fascinating to say the least, still felt somewhat dreamlike and I am still skeptical as to what exactly took place.  While I don’t doubt that I was having an OBE, I still am unsure of the entirety of the episode that was happening since there were moments in the sequence of events that I don’t recollect.

The next OBE I would like to discuss with you was actually the first of the two that happened in the last two weeks.  We had just moved into our new place and I was sleeping on an air mattress because I still had yet to setup the bed.  Like I mentioned before, my experience proceeded briefly after I had laid down to sleep.  I was somewhere in between being awake and asleep, that moment when the conscious mind lets go and the subconscious takes over.  I felt the same buzzing all over my body and immediately recognized what was happening.  This time, however, I don’t recall trying to project out of my body rather I kept slipping in and out of consciousness.  I’m not sure how much time transpired but if felt like my body was vibrating for quite a while.  What happened next I can’t explain, all I can remember was that I was flying somewhere in outer space passing by the heavenly bodies at an extremely high rate of speed.  I then approached only what I can describe as a planet that looked like earth.  Somehow I suddenly ended up in a very large room with a tall, gentle looking creature that had a human form but not a human face.  This whole time I remember being very ecstatic because I knew what was taking place.  Before I went to sleep I said a quiet prayer asking for my guides to help me astral project again, I also asked for any guidance to help me get a better understanding to my purpose here.

As I was standing in the room with the being I remember communication taking place, regrettably, I don’t remember what was said.  Next, I was led out of the room with the creature by a male figure into another area where there were a set of stairs.  We climbed up the stairs and I was taken into a room that reminded me of an office space in a typical office building.  Inside was a blond female who introduced herself as “Suzie.”  The man who guided me to this point said to Suzie, “he wants to know what he should work on.”  Suzie was very considerate and friendly and said with a big smile, “his heart’s purpose and possessiveness.”  At that point we seemed to be waiting on something so I patiently waited while my male guide picked up a magazine and started thumbing through it.  What happened next was very confusing to me and didn’t seem to fit with what my whole journey up to this point had been about.  He handed me the open magazine and pointed out a picture of a handgun with a scope, all I can remember was thinking to myself, “what is this suppose to mean, why is he showing me a gun?”  To clarify things, the entire incident up to this point was extremely realistic, I was very aware of what was happening, and knew that I was being led by my guides and that my physical body was still laying there in my room.  I felt very calm and safe, but at the same time I was euphoric with a sense of purpose as if this was all meant to happen.  The male figure led me out of Suzie’s office into another room when suddenly I opened my eyes and was lying back in my room again.  The whole incidence ended suddenly in what I can only describe as a movie scene when someone is having a dream then the immediate proceeding scene shows that person lying in bed opening their eyes.

The conclusion to my OBE was abrupt and did not leave me wondering if I had merely been dreaming, or even lucid dreaming.  As I woke and sat up in bed I was convinced to exactly what had just taken place.  There is no question in my mind that I had been led by my guides on an astral journey and been shown areas in my life that I needed to improve upon and find more answers for.  The entire journey left me with nothing but positive emotions about my purpose in life; however, the incident with the gun invokes a negative reaction and I am uncertain of its meaning.  Hopefully, through more meditation and searching I will gain more insight to what I was being shown.

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  1. Agus Tuhpah

    I myself have had several (more than 2) occasions of dreaming in which I seemed to be aware I actually was in a dream and NOT in real life. Is that what you call ‘lucid dreams’?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      That would be a lucid dream. If it happens again see if you can take advantage and not wake up.


  2. Katinka - Spirituality

    Another great post. I’ve listed you here: http://www.squidoo.com/spiritual-blog on my list of great spiritual blogs.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Thanks Katinka, I appreciate your kindness.


  3. Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition

    Hi Todd,
    I really enjoyed reading your account of OBE. I’ve had many OBEs, most of which occurred spontaneously. I agree w/you – you were definitely having an OBE. I’m curious about the gun too. Maybe it was a symbol for you to take “aim and shoot” at a very specific goal? The fact that it had a scope on it makes me think that you’re supposed to become very focused on some “target.” What did you feel it meant when you meditated upon it?
    Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition recently posted..The Power of Perseverance- A Message of HopeMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. To be honest, I have been very preoccupied with other things in my life since that last OBE and haven’t had much time to meditate on it. I asked someone who I consider to be a hobbyist psychic about it and he emailed me his thoughts. Here it is:

      i am hearing that the gun with scope is a metaphor for aggression…hostility. the gun was pictured instead of being tangible in the vision to signify that when kept at a distance…kept intangible… it is harmless. the “gun” becomes dangerous when the “holder” “makes it real” by seeking it out. the scope on the gun represents “putting things under a microscope” for the purpose of “looking for a reason” to unleash the power of the gun (aggression/hostility). they are trying to let him know that somewhere inside, in an “intangible” place, aggression/hostility, possessiveness reside and they can be suppressed by not actively seeking out situations which will create that within him. look for the best in others and nothing else.

      So not really sure, both yours and his ideas make sense. When things settle down I will have more time to focus and find my answer.


      1. Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition

        Hi Todd,
        Thanks for the reply. I would go with the interpretation that rings the most true for you.

        It’s so amazing how we all have the same “reactions” in an OBE. I notice the commenter after me also experienced it the same way. I wrote about one of my more recent experiences in a post titled: The Tunnel.

        Have you read any of Robert Monroe’s books?
        Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition recently posted..How to Find Your Own Personal Pot of GoldMy Profile


  4. Personal Development

    I really enjoyed your writing style here. I recently realized that I’ve been astral projecting my whole life! I never knew what it was when I started vibrating and it always scared me so I never explored it, until recently.

    I started vibrating and heard the high pitched hum, so I attempted to move out of my body. I remember raising my arm up with great effort and seeing nothing, like it was an invisible ghost arm! I could also see around the room even though I knew my eyes were closed. Very interesting indeed!

    How were you able to move out of your body so easily? For me it was a struggle, and I never fully got out of it.
    Personal Development recently posted..Interview With a Pagan about SpiritualityMy Profile


    Twitter: fredtracy

    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      I guess I just didn’t think to much about it, I just lifted myself up out of my body. I can’t wait till it happens again!


  5. Joanne Pilkington

    I haven’t experimented with astral projection and lucid dreaming for a few years now. I think you’ve just inspired me to go back and do some more!


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. Let me know if you get any results.


  6. David | Almost Bohemian

    I’ll be writing up a post some sleep experiments I’ve been working on… stay tuned for it. It has to do with creativity and napping, but I am fascinated with dream manipulation and hypnosis. Good luck on your journey!
    David | Almost Bohemian recently posted..Why You Must Copy and Steal EverythingMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      I will be looking forward to what you have to say about sleep experiments. I only wish I could control when my OBEs happen.


  7. jane cortus

    how can it be possible that our astral body can take journey? maybe I could make some experiments about it..
    jane cortus recently posted..אילוף גוריםMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Jane,

      Guess you really can’t understand it until it happens to you.


  8. Andrew Walker

    Hi Todd. Thanks for sharing this. An interesting story of yours here!
    Andrew Walker recently posted..5 Bizarre Hotels in EuropeMy Profile


  9. foam mattress

    i believe in god, and i know hes protecting me from them. But im going to a spiritual journey of astral travelling. And i fear meeting these creatures in my subconcious.


  10. Kimberly

    What happens to us that causes us to lose this ability? When I was a young teen, OBE and lucid dreaming were very easy for me. In fact I could lucid dream every night. As an adult I can only experience this once or twice a year…? Anyone else have this experience?
    Kimberly recently posted..Going To The Movies… Or NotMy Profile


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