Apr 11

HAARP and Weather Warfare

The recent devastation in Japan sparked much speculation by many conspiracy theorists that the earthquake and subsequent tsunami were intentional.  I have to admit that I enjoy a good conspiracy yarn so I started reading many posts on conspiracy sites and watching videos on youtube. What I found was that some of these hypotheses actually didn’t seem that far-fetched at all.  So how can an earthquake intentionally be caused?  HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program can apparently be used to modify the weather as well as cause earthquakes; for more information on what HAARP is check out this site.  If you think I’m being paranoid and falling into the conspiracy ideologies I should point out that there was even a documentary on the History Channel that dealt with weather warfare and HAARP.  I’m not going to waste any effort here trying to convince any of you of some elaborate conspiracy, rather I leave any conclusions up to you.  I have provided some videos below that shed some light as to why I think something is amiss with this whole HAARP thing.

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Benjamin Fulford, April 5, 2011… “Japan’s government, threatened with more HAARP attacks, pays 60 trillion yen to Feds”

HAARP Magnetometer data shows Japan earthquake was induced.

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