Jan 23

Unlocking Your Psychic Talent

In the past, my views on anything psychic were always clouded by religious beliefs I had since my childhood. I never paid much attention to TV, Internet, or local psychics. However, one thing that I did notice was that most psychics tended to be women, at least the ones I knew of. It has also been my observation throughout cinematic and television history that most psychics portrayed were usually female. Even though I know there are many male psychics including famous individuals like John Edwards or Edgar Cayce, the majority seem to be female. This perception of mine brought up an intriguing question, are women more psychic than men?

The answer is, no. Everyone has the same psychic abilities, it’s just a matter of tapping into those hidden talents. The reason why more women seem have those psychic gifts is that they are more in tune with their emotions and intuition. Almost every woman I’ve known at some time or another has been able to use her intuition to give her guidance. Men on the other hand, tend to have trouble dealing with their feelings leading them to reject their inner guidance systems.

We’ve all heard at sometime or another about left and right brained people. Many of you have probably taken those tests online to find out which type you are. Left brained people have the characteristics of being more logical and analytical. Right brained people are known for being creative and artistic. As any woman knows, most men don’t communicate their feelings and often internalize their emotions, thus their right brain, the more creative and intuitive side, isn’t properly utilized.

So how can anyone, especially us men, better utilize our right brains and tap into those psychic abilities?  Well for starters guys, we need to learn to better deal with our feelings and stop internalizing our emotions.  We can learn from women and get in touch with our feelings, and stop worrying about the stereotypes society places on us.  Another way for both men and women is to get more creative.  According to this article drawing is the answer. If you are interested in increasing your psychic ability I suggest exploring your creative side and try your hand at drawing. Please read the article to find out more about how drawing can help develop your psychic talents.

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  1. Michelle

    Interesting that drawing helps you develop psychic abilities. I’ve seen some psychics use it to assist in their communication with spirits. Usually they aren’t drawing anything in particular; they’re just making circles on the page.


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