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Spiritual Connection to Food

Here in the United States it is typical for many individuals and families to live a hectic lifestyle.  Eating meals on the go, eating out, or grabbing take out to eat at home seems to be the norm these days.  It is certainly getting easier to find pre-made meals and quick dinner ideas when going to the local grocery store.  Dinners in a box (just add your favorite meat) frozen entrees, chicken dinners from the deli, I could go on and on. Easy, convenient and fast are the main attributes associated with the food we eat today.  It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of “fast food” was unheard of; people actually were more involved in the actual process of getting their food to the table.  Do you actually know where your last meal came from?  Meaning, what part of the world did your entire meal stem from?  If you ate meat, do you have any clue where that piece of meat originated from?  If so, I applaud you.  The truth of the matter is, not too many people understand the complex processes involved in getting the average meal to the table.  The term “food miles” is used to define the average number of miles food travels to get to your dinner table.  Although this number can vary the accepted average is approximately 1500 miles.  You might think that I am hinting at local sustainability and although I am a huge supporter, this isn’t the topic I would like to discuss in this post.  What I want to examine is our spiritual connection, if any, we have with our food.

Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, the food you eat was at one point a living organism.  So the question becomes, do all living organisms have a soul, spirit, or some life force that embodies it?  I believe the answer is, yes.  And if the plants and animals we eat at some point were inhabited by this “spirit or energy” shouldn’t we at least feel some hint of reverence for the sacrifice that was made?  Unfortunately, most of us probably don’t.  I feel that many people all over the world have lost that since of connection with their food and the reason being is what I touched upon in the preceding paragraph.  For the most part, we have no idea where our food comes from, let alone the processes involved in production to consumption.  Consider an American favorite like the hamburger; the meat may have come from several different animals slaughtered in different parts of the world.  Just think of how many different chickens are in the final product of a chicken nugget.  I don’t even want to think about the number of animals involved and their origins when I think about deli meat.  How many of you have ever been to a slaughter house or at least watched what happens in one on TV?  Yes my friends, the apple has fallen far from the tree when it comes to the connection our ancestors had with their food and what we have today.

At some point in our past we went from being hunter/gatherers to a tribe of people whose mottos have become slogans like “Have it Your Way” and “Where’s The Beef?”  However, all is not lost.  In many cultures ceremonies still take place that give gratitude and pay homage to the animal that sacrificed its life to become food for another life.  Also, in certain parts of the world celebrations still occur after a crop is successfully harvested.  It is these ceremonies of thanks (for plant or animal) that give us the spiritual connection to the food we eat.  The source of our food and the journey it takes to reach our plates is something we should all strive to fully understand.  So before the next meal you eat please consider giving thanks for the life that was sacrificed for the continuation of your own life.

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  1. Kristina L.

    I think people lost their spiritual connection to food. Well,at least the ones that do not mind what they are putting in their stomach.So many of them enjoy fried food and junk…could that be called spiritual?Or it’s just a thing of obesity?I agree that there are still tribes making a whole ceremony about preparing food and thanking for it-that is the prime connection that todays civilization has lost.
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    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Kristina,

      If we look at eating as something more than just acquiring calories or to satisfy a an urge then, yes, I believe there is a spiritual connection to the food we eat. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


  2. Mark Evans

    I went to the slaughterhouse when I was with the cub scouts as a kid. It was a traumatic experience, I did not eat meat for a few years afterwards. Maybe I should go again and quit eating meat for good.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hey Mark,

      I could imagine that would be quite the traumatic experience as a child. I think everyone should go at least once to see what really takes place. I’ve personally never been but I’ve seen plenty of videos on it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. Andrew Walker

    Hi Todd. It’s’ a nice share from you. I can’t stop eat meat to tell you the truth. But at least, I always make sure that I eat it properly, in amount and always finish them.
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  4. Alice Santos

    Hey Todd,
    great information, and hey mark is that real I can believe it child have a trauma in meat that’s really bad.
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  5. TracyAnn0312

    Hi todd. Food is one of our sources of energy. I must say that this can be a good way to express our spiritual connection to the creator of it. We cannot make some instances if we are not yet ready to give thanks for the food we are about to receive.
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  6. Fatima Hipolito

    Glad to see this page Todd, the topic you share in here was really great and very helpful..
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