Jan 04

Lost Pilgrims

Deep in the night in dreaming state
The nightmares come to deal my fate
The shadows of my former selves
Dart here and there like little elves
These images that haunt me so!
Can’t get away – nowhere to go
All rationale has been displaced
Tears of a child stream down my face
As Dante whispers in my ear
“Abandon hope if enter here!”
Then an old shaman takes my hand
Transports me to another land
Once again, I see Brother Dan
Thump his bible – head in the sand
In protest I just shake my head
And try to run from what he’s said
I gaze across the wide expanse
Of my self-centered ignorance
I see the shaman wild and free
As my dream catcher rescues me
And as I think about my dreams
I realize nothing’s as it seems
My search for truth has led me here
Right in the middle of my fears
I cry for me and Brother Dan –
Lost pilgrims in the Promised Land

by Michelle Wilson

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  1. Michelle

    I wanted to clarify the “Brother Dan” that I reference in the poem. When I was going to Indiana University in Bloomington, there were two men who would come and stand in the yard between two of our dorms and preach fire and brimstone sermons. Students would gather to heckle them or challenge them about what they were saying. Others would just stand and watch in amusement. They were rather odd, and the strangest one of them was named Brother Dan. He would get quite animated and agitated when challenged.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      I wonder what ever happened to Brother Dan?


  2. Michelle

    I don’t know. That was 20 years ago, but he still could be travelling around preaching. He was probably in his 30’s then. Maybe he started his own church somewhere. I don’t know where he was from. Apparently he went around to different campuses.


  3. Morgan Tovey

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  4. Andrew Walker

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  5. Alice Santos

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  6. Kelly Jenkins

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  7. Fatima Hipolito

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