Dec 14

Try this LOA experiment.

In my previous post on the law of attraction (LOA) I talked a little about energy and how it applies to the LOA. Try imagining everything around you, including yourself, as nothing more than vibrating forms of energy. I then try to picture myself attracting, like a magnet, those desires that I want to bring into my life. It almost feels like I am drawing those desires to me, kind of like I’m a big vacuum and whatever I desire is powerless to resist.

So if I am trying to manifest money into my life, I pretend that I am an energy magnet that draws monetary energy to myself. While I’m doing this I try to reproduce the feelings I think that happy, wealthy people have. If you need some ideas try watching one of those TV shows where they show rich people out on their yachts living the good life. Then picture yourself in their shoes, now how do you feel?

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  1. Michelle

    When I try the exercise all I get is an image of Bernie Madoff. Why don’t I see Warren Buffett? What am I doing wrong?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Well, he was extremely rich he just got caught. Maybe you should try it and picture what Oprah feels like when she’s walking around her mansion.


  2. Michelle

    Have you tried meditating? I think it’s supposed to help enlighten you. I’ve tried it so many times, but my mind always gets distracted and I don’t have the patience to keep trying. However, on a few occasions when I’ve been in bed trying to sleep, I’ve slipped into what must be a meditative type state. I was completely aware that I was awake, but no internal or extraneous stimuli was present. I just felt like pure consciousness. It was a great feeling whatever it was.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      If you are having trouble meditating try sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet room. Close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts. Just focus on one thing, I like to use my breathing as my focus. Just focus on your breaths as you inhale and exhale. If a thought enters your mind, don’t worry just acknowledge your thought and clear your mind again. It will take some practice so don’t get discouraged.


  3. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Thanks for notifying me of that. Do you remember what page you were on when you clicked on the advertisement?


  4. Alice Santos

    Wow is that real michele? that’s great and thanks for the info that was really helpful.
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  5. Andrew Walker

    Hi there Todd. It’s so great of you to share this with us.
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  6. Julie Hayes

    I don’t think that I will be completely happy when I’m in their shoes. They have the luxury they want but material things are not the only thing that can make a person happy.
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    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Very true Julie.


      1. Julie Hayes

        I’m happy that you’ve agreed Todd!
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  7. Alice Santos

    Hi Todd, That’s right Julie Expensive Item they can make people happy because If you dont like the thing’s they give to you but is not your favorite and you dont like it is not really useful..
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