Dec 21

Trick Candle

Feel like life has been for you
Like a mean trick candle?
Trials, hurdles on this plane
Can be hard to handle
Blow and blow – getting nowhere
Wonder what to do
Yet the flame keeps coming back
Refusing to leave you

Then you take a big deep breath
Attempt it one last time
Try and make it hard enough
To expunge its life
You sit back – think it has gone
Forever out of sight
But look!  Catching you off guard
Comes the stubborn light

See, life is a trick candle
Showing you the Way
You can blow it anytime
It never goes away
Its brilliance is versatile
Light’s absorbed by hues
Bright yellow and resourceful
Making greens out of your blues

And your form, like the wick
Is the holy portal
Holds the light that never dies
Housing the immortal
Though it seems it may be gone,
It never leaves your side
As strong as the wind may blow
Soul and flame unite

Remember that trick candle
When life becomes so hard
Know that you, and that light
Can never be apart
Even in your darkest hour
When all you want to do
Is snuff that flame out for good
It comes right back to you

by Michelle Wilson

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  1. Todd | Channelingmyself

    One trick I’ve tried for opening up my spiritual ability is to close my eyes and imagine that light (your candle flame) encompassing my whole body. I feel its warmth and energy inside of me and imagine myself opening up to the energy it attracts to me.


  2. Alice Santos

    Hi Admin,
    Wow that was really great Imagination thanks for sharing your Idea here it was really nice.
    Alice Santos recently posted..m4 accessoriesMy Profile


  3. Andrew Walker

    It’s a really nice one! Great share, mate!
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Great hotel spasMy Profile


  4. Julie Hayes

    Nice poem! Shows how hard we can struggle to the everyday challenge of life.
    Julie Hayes recently posted..יועצת שינהMy Profile


  5. Kelly jenkins

    Hi todd, this poem was really nice, and I agree what Julie said we can show our struggle even if its really hard we ca show it.
    Kelly jenkins recently posted..שליחת SMSMy Profile


  6. keblon pogi

    Aha I love this trick, its really nice and very awesome I will try this one at home..
    keblon pogi recently posted..נטורופתיהMy Profile


  7. Angel Reyes

    I really have a wild imagination and I salute you for that. Great Poem! I do agree that our life is a trick candle because we are the one that lights our paths to success.
    Angel Reyes recently posted..פסחMy Profile


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