Dec 21

Third Eye

Have you ever tried to open your third eye?

Here is a technique you can use to see if it’s open:
Close your eyes and roll them towards your forehead,
do you see a light? If the third eye is well opened,
you should see a golden or white glow.

Did you see the light?

It’s amazing how easily you can check if it’s open,
or if you need to cleanse it. Now brush your hands
over your third eye as if you were brushing away,
negative energy. Try to see the light now.

Is it brighter?

I hope that this was a useful lesson and I hope that
you’ll take the time to take a look at some other
lessons that you might find very interesting:

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  1. Michelle

    I don’t see any light at all. Does that mean it’s closed? How do I open it?


  2. Todd | Channelingmyself

    I’m planning on trying etherum gold.


  3. Michelle

    If I were you I’d be careful. If there was really a supplement that could put you in touch with your spirit or whatever, wouldn’t it be sold at Wal-Mart and be on the news and all that? Everyone would want to use it. You’d probably have better luck with LSD – just kidding. Just be careful…


  4. Michelle

    Have you tried the Etherium Gold yet?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Yes, I’ve been taking it for a few days now. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that my dreams seem to be more real and vivid.


  5. Michelle

    Candy says that if your dreams seem real, then you are being contacted by spirits. Like if you dream about someone who’s died and you dream about them, if it seems real, then that person came to you in your dream. I would also think it would work the other way around too: you could have nightmares that seem real and vivid. I wonder what that would mean? Maybe that a negative entity was coming to you?


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      I will keep a close watch out. Sometimes I dream and dad is there.


  6. annette

    Michelle have you looked into any books on dream interpretation?

    I will look into it, I’m curious about this certain Christian Authors take on it.


  7. Julie Hayes

    I’m a little bit scared if ever that my third eye will be opened. Just thinking that I will see spirits gives me goosebumps.
    Julie Hayes recently posted..Duvet CoversMy Profile


  8. Kelly jenkins

    When I hear third eye I was really scared because if they said third eye it was all about you can see
    Kelly jenkins recently posted..שליחת SMSMy Profile


  9. Fatima Hipolito

    Human have a third eye are really emotionally because I think you get the third eye when you always thinking very hard..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..דיוור אלקטרוניMy Profile


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