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Slugbug! No Tag Backs

When my boys and I are in the car together we always play the game Slug-bug, where we each get a point for calling out “Slug-bug” when we see a Volkswagon Bug. I’m sure many of you played this game when you were kids and perhaps you still play it today. I have learned something playing this game and how the Law of Attraction applies.
When we are playing the game we are having fun, and to be honest, I don’t really care one way or the other if I get any Slug-bugs or not. When we are playing and I make an effort to look that’s when I never seem to get any. However, when I am not really paying attention or focusing on it is when I see the most Slug-bugs. I have noticed that even when I am in the car by myself or just me and my wife that I see those darn Slug-bugs all the freaking time! Now some skeptics might say that just means there are more of those cars on the road. I believe I am attracting these cars into my life. I can honestly say that before we started playing the game that I didn’t seem to notice them at all. When we are playing and I make an effort to look that’s when I never seem to get any. However, when I am not really paying attention or focusing on it is when I see the most Slug-bugs. I guess what can be learned is that when you are trying to manifest something into your life, you just need to become more aware because what you want was always there you just weren’t “opening your eyes” to it.
More success can be made with the LOA by how you approach your desire to manifest something. If you feel relaxed and are having fun with it the vibrations you are sending out will match. Imagine something you want and take notice of your feelings if you don’t really care if you get it. Now take notice of your feelings if you are constantly thinking about what you want and why you aren’t getting it.
I am not saying that when you want to manifest something into your life you shouldn’t think about it, I am just saying be careful how you feel about it when it doesn’t happen when you think it should. If I want to manifest wealth and I am constantly thinking about money eventually I start thinking about the money I don’t have. Then the negative feelings start to manifest like anxiety, doubt, and anticipation and sure enough the universe will send back to me want I am sending it. Pay attention to your feelings about what you are trying to manifest, like the Slug-bug game, when you’re not concerned about the desired result the results tend to come faster. Try it you might be surprised!

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  1. Michelle

    It sounds like the Slug Bug game has chaged a bit since I was younger. We used to punch each other when we saw one…lol. Anyway, I understand what you are saying about how the universe brings them your way when you aren’t focusing on seeing them, but since I tend to get lost in the details sometimes, I just have one question: In this case your desire involves the actions of others. So does the universe cause them to make choices that will affect you? For example, say that I’m in a Volkswagon bug driving down Wadsworth and you are on Colfax approaching Wadsworth. Does the universe make me decide to turn onto Colfax so that I will pass you? That’s what I’ve never understood about the LOA and things like karma and destiny. Wouldn’t the universe have to be directing our every move in order for us to not only follow our own destiny, but to cause us to act/react in manners that will also affect others that we’re meant to come into contact with in whatever way? And if that’s the case where does free will and randomness come in? And wouldn’t the LOA be sort of in conflict with things being “meant to be”? If I’m “meant” to become wealthy, wouldn’t that happen regardless of whether I try to attract it to me? It’s all very confusing to me, because in one way or another I believe in all those things.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      You bring up a great point. I don’t believe there has to be contradiction when it comes to free will and the law of attraction. For example, when trying to manifest true love into your life someone might focus on attracting a certain individual into their life. However, what if that individual wasn’t the least bit interested? So instead of trying to manifest a desired person into your life focus on manifesting true love and a happy relationship and let the universe bring you the “right” person.
      Now we can apply this to the Slug-bug scenario, I’m not focusing on manifesting a blue one driven by a female, I’m just focusing on any Slug-bug. I let the universe figure out the rest. If you try to figure out the how’s and the why’s you will just add more confusion and eventually your feelings will follow suit and you will find the LOA isn’t working for you.


  2. Michelle

    I suppose what it all comes down to is faith, whether you’re talking about the LOA, or God and Jesus, or any of the religions, mythologies, and philosophies out there. I have a more analytical way of thinking than some people, so it’s always been hard for me to accept ideas in blind faith without questioning everything. That will be my biggest hurdle in learning to manifest my desires. It stands directly in my path. Ironically the JW teach not to question anything. Maybe that’s why I had such a hard time with it – my mind naturally wanted to question those teachings, but I was too afraid to because the big bad Jehovah was monitoring my every thought. Thank God for Joseph Campbell!

    I just remembered how dad used to call me “The Question Box”…lol. I wonder where he is now? Heaven? Reincarnated into someone else? Waiting on the other side to reunite with us? Sylvia Browne says there’s a “place” (for lack of a better word) where people go when they die that’s sort of like an other-worldly decompression tank. There they come to the realization that they’re dead, and they transition from the shock of having just been in the physical realm to moving on to Heaven. The soul remains there as long as it takes to make them realize that they are now in the true reality. Some must stay for a long time. Dad probably had to stay a while since he was so brainwashed.


  3. Andrew Walker

    Hahaha…. This reminds me of my childhood. I never played it anymore now. Thanks for sharing this.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..ChangingTableStore Coupon CodeMy Profile


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      Hi Andrew,

      You should try and play it now and see if you can manifest any of them.


  4. Alice Santos

    Is that real Todd? thats really great and very interesting thanks for the advice.
    Alice Santos recently posted..Residential SecurityMy Profile


  5. Andrew Walker

    As you said Todd. I might give it a try later. :)
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Great hotel spasMy Profile


  6. Julie Hayes

    We also played that game when I was young. We loved playing that game until the slug bug cars already represents the game. If ever I see one and I am alone, I will suddenly miss my friends.
    Julie Hayes recently posted..חג סוכותMy Profile


  7. Kelly Jenkins

    LOL, When I see this I remember something about my pass, because my friends and brother we love to play this everyday.
    Kelly Jenkins recently posted..קורס ייעוץ שינהMy Profile


  8. Fatima Hipolito

    This game is one the best ever when I’m kid, I love to play this with my cousin and brother.. glad that I see this in here I cant Imagine..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..שליחת SMSMy Profile


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