Dec 21


Won’t you take this shame I’m feeling
And hide it from my eyes?
Know you could if you wanted to
But then, it’s not your fight
Sometimes I think I’m losing it
It happens every time
I’m separated from my heart
That chakra’s been denied
Looking everywhere but inside
For answers left to find
Lost my God and my angels too
And killed my inner child
I know I was a fearful one
Afraid of letting go
I can’t remember what I felt
So many years ago
I grew up a lost woman-child
Running from what’s inside
Seeking wrong companionship
Choosing to be blind
“Listen to your intuition”
I’ve read it many times
But I ignored it – knowing it
Wrote my script and said my lines
Now I must find the strength to move
Toward the holy circle
Learn to welcome with open arms
All my trials and hurdles
They’re how the universe teaches
Lessons to be learned
And how God’s amazing love for me
Doesn’t have to be “earned”
So when I go through darkened times
I’ll be able to see
And know I’m worthy in the eyes
Of me and my deity

by Michelle Wilson

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  1. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Just remember through all your trials and tribulations, when things seem to be spiraling out of control, that you are loved.


    1. Michelle

      I will try and remember that. It will bring comfort to me.


      1. annette

        Michelle I never knew how talented you are!

        I would love to read more.


  2. Michelle

    Why thank you. I’m glad someone enjoys them. I literally have hundreds. Although they aren’t all nice, and they aren’t all of a spiritual nature. Often I wrote to release hurt, anger, dissapointment and frustration. I’ll try to find a RW blank CD and copy some for you. In the meantime Todd has more that I sent him. He may not have posted them because he may not have felt they were sending the messages he wanted to send on his website, but you could read those.


  3. Julie Hayes

    Poem is great, message in it is truly inspiring.
    Julie Hayes recently posted..יוגה תרפיהMy Profile


  4. Kelly Jenkins

    That’s right julie I love this poem because remember something about my past glad to see this todd.
    Kelly Jenkins recently posted..how to become an animatorMy Profile


  5. keblon pogi

    Nice poem todd, this is my first time to see like this style, you made a very unique words..
    keblon pogi recently posted..VZ 58My Profile


  6. Fatima Hipolito

    I agree with that Keblon this poem is really unique and For me no one can beat this..
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..smsMy Profile


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