Dec 21

Increase Your Food Knowledge

One of my favorites indoor past times is to watch documentaries I can stream from Netflix. One of my greatest passions is how food and nutrition play an important role in our overall health. Recently, I watched a documentary called “Food Matters.” Check out the official trailer below.

I have always been very suspicious of the pharmaceutical and health care industries. For a long time I suspected that there were cures for serious diseases; however, I also felt that these cures were being suppressed from the public for financial gain. In this informative documentary they talk about just these theories that I have had for a long time. Please consider taking some time and watching this film.


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  1. Michelle

    Can you imagine how much revenue would be lost if they found a cure for the common cold? There are 99 recognized types of the rhinovirus, which are the viruses responsible for colds. I know that antibiotics are useless against viruses, but it just seems to me that if science has progressed to the point where we have mapped the human genome and can clone sheep, we should be able to find something that will kill known viruses that are not mutating. I’m sure there are many scientists who would love to be the one who comes up with a cure for HIV, or the common cold, or any one of the many as yet incurable diseases out there. However, these scientists must get funding, and too many large conglomerates have a vested interest in keeping those diseases around. But on the flip side what if there were cures for all diseases? The earth would become way overpopulated, so maybe disease is a necesary evil.


    1. Todd | Channelingmyself

      If there were no diseases humanity would just have to be more responsible about reproduction.


  2. Michelle

    That’s true, but how likely is that? Even in those 3rd world countries where their babies are dying every day from malnutrition, they still keep reproducing like rabbits. Instead of just sending them food, the western part of the world should also send them birth control and educate them on the importance of using it. And in this country they need to put a sort of cap on welfare benefits so that deadbeats don’t have any incentive to keep having children they can’t support.


  3. Andrew Walker

    Yeah, i also agree with you. We need to know more about foods so that we can survive in this life, to live a healthy life too.
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  4. Julie Hayes

    I also think so, a lot of pharmaceutical companies are researching for cures on different diseases but there are only few that are out in the market.
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  5. Kelly Jenkins

    Is that real Julie this is my first time to see that, glad to see the this link that you share in here.. thanks..


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